Ad – review. I was sent the Geomag Glow set for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

Geomags are popular with Blake and his friends and the Geomag Confetti set is a hit with them all. We've now been sent one of the  new Glow sets which are just as fun and educational.

Geomags help children learn a full range of seemingly unexplainable forces through their exciting and fun-packed construction toys. Invisible forces allow the magnetic rods and metal spheres to join together to create a plethora of different constructions. 

We were sent the Geomag Glow Recycled 42 Piece Set. There are two other sets that contain 25 pieces which is a starter set and a bigger 60 piece set to build amazing constructions and designs. Inside the 42 piece set we were sent are 20 magnetic rods, 20 metal spheres and 2 plastic bases. The Glow range is packed full of natural materials inside 100% recycled plastic. The natural materials capture sunlight and return it through a mystical glow when it's dark.

The instruction booklet contains ideas of constructions you can make. We especially like that it features about discovering polarity and playing with polarity ideas. The below two photos show two of the fantasy shapes we gave a try. However the booklet shares others too along with Geometry, plantonic solids, how to build with different bases and 6 different model ideas you can make.


The photo below shows one of the models we made, which used all of the magnetic rods, over half of the metal spheres and one of the plastic bases. It was fairly easy to put together although younger children may need help. As for the Glow part of the Geomags it was lots of fun to see our designs Glow in the dark. Unfortunately I found it hard to photograph the Glow which is a gorgeous green. 

Overall I love that Geomag are fun and educational along with featuring all the components of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
The Glow concept for this set really makes them even more fun to play with. We will definitely be getting these ones out to play in the evenings more often. One of the big things I like is that they are extendable with other packs including the one we already own.

The Geomag Glow Recycled 42 Piece Set is available for £34.99 from The Entertainer.

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