How to raise a team player

 *This is a collaborative post 

Are you on the hunt to find out how to raise a team player? Every parent wants a child who helps out at school and home whilst knowing how to lead when necessary. There are many reasons to teach your child how to become a better team player. These types of children tend to be more respectful, responsible, resilient and less self-centred. Learning to share these responsibilities helps in the classroom and at home too. If you would like to know how to raise a team player, continue reading.

Create a chart in the house that monitors what's been done, what needs to be done and who needs to do it. Once a week, sit with the family and share ideas of what could be done differently. Children tend to be more enthusiastic when they feel they are contributing their ideas to household decisions. Ask questions so your child is aware of who is responsible for which chore. One way to make this task fun is by making it competitive or doing some tasks as a family rather than individually.

Teach your child how to work well in a group. Give your children the task of putting together a show. This is simple as it involves some props, characters and a setting. However, don't give them any help. Allow them to decide who will be in charge of props, ideas, the script and setup. Give them a time limit to see how far they get. Doing activities like this more often will build team player skills. 

Help your child communicate better. Working well in a team means respectfully communicating with peers. However, listening plays a big part in communication too. In order to produce the best results, listening is essential. Sit with your child and help them understand body language as well as how to ask and answer questions.

Model the behaviour yourself. Show them how valuable being a team player is and how much of a difference it makes. In time, your child will have picked up the right skills to be the best team player out there.

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