Christmas Eve Box Ideas for 2022

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The Mickeys Christmas Carol game,Something Wild Spiderman and Pop-A -Tops were gifted to include in this post. These are marked with a # next to them for reference. All thoughts are my own.

I started doing a Christmas Eve Box when Blake was about 2. It's now a tradition that we do almost every year. You may wonder what you can put in a Christmas Eve Box? Well as we are only a few days away from Christmas I thought I'd share with you some of my ideas below.

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

If you aren't familiar with the tradition a Christmas Eve Box, it is a box or basket that you give your child on Christmas Eve. We give Blake his in the morning so that he has things to do throughout the day. Although you can give your child theirs whatever part of the day you wish.

Alot of places do Christmas eve boxes now and i've seen them in places such as The Range, B&M, Wilko etc. I have this wooden closed-lid box for Blake It’s sturdy and I know it will last us for years to come. Amazon also have a wide range of wooden boxes/crates that can be personalised.

What can I put in my Christmas Eve Box?
You can put whatever you like in a Christmas Eve Box and the great thing is you can spend as little or as much as you want. Here are some of my ideas:

We were sent three games that would be lots of fun to include in your Christmas Eve Box this year.

Pop-A-Tops are self-contained, packable and portable games, for 2+ players. Pop the top to “roll” the dice! Race to find, match and grab the alien card  to be the first earthling to match the card to the dice and win.

#Mickey's Christmas Carol Game
Focusing on simple gameplay and collaboration, players work together to complete their story tableau – Christmas Past, Present and Future from this timeless classic. Puzzle tableaus depict iconic moments from the story, and players must complete them in order before Scrooge wakes on Christmas morning. Includes a wooden Scrooge mover to track game progress and six beautifully illustrated scenes inspired by the Disney classic.

#Something Wild: Spiderman
A fast-paced, light card game featuring a collectible Spider-Man Pop! mover, as well as your favourite characters from the Spider-Man universe. Play Character Cards in sets and runs to score points. Combine with other Marvel Something Wild! games to add more characters, Pop! movers, and Powers to your game.

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