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We have quite a few DIY projects planned for our home this year and one of them is to modernise our built in wardrobe.  It's definitely looking tired and dated, especially the interior. We decorated our bedroom last year and the built in wardrobe is one of the last bits we need to do to finish off our room. Today I wanted to share with you some ideas in case you are like us and want to give your built in wardrobe a refresh. 

The Doors
You can actually change the doors up in various ways which I've included below. These ideas depend on your budget but can have an impact to how your built in wardrobe looks:

The cheapest and simplest way to update your wardrobe door is to give it a fresh lick of paint. Paint can give your wardrobe a sleek and modern aesthetic, which also alters the mood of the entire space in addition to improving the appearance. 

Adding  mirrors is another affordable idea. They  brighten up the room and give your room a more modern feel. They are also great for hiding any unsightly scratches and dents.

Change the door style
If you can afford to, you may decide to get completely new doors. There are lots of different styles such as ones with gorgeous panelling, shutters for a fun rustic look or my favourite - sliding doors. Stuart and I both agreed fitted sliding door wardrobes are more us, will give a modern and fresh look to our room and give us a little more space. 

With the doors out the way its now time to consider the interior of your fitted wardrobe. We want to strip the whole lot of ours out and start from scratch. 

Wall mounted storage systems
I absolutely love the idea of a wall mounted storage system instead of just buying one long shelf and a rail. I personally love it due to it looking a whole lot more organised. 

Add lighting
Our wardrobe already has lighting so this one thing we won't need to think about. You can add an LED lighted hanging rail, which is motion activated if you aren't wanting a full light installation.

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