Ad – review. I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

Today I'm sharing a review of Aria by Gyorgy Henyei Neto. Born in Brazil, Gyorgy now resides in the UK. He is not only an author but also a trained anthropologist, musician, and artist. His unique perspective and experiences are reflected in his writing, making the stories all the more compelling.

About the book

Six months after the catastrophe known as The Scintillance, Dia decides that it is time to find the memories she had lost. However, while seeking for her own past, she is caught in a web of lies and betrayal. In a town governed by the ARIA foundation, Dia must learn about her own memories, her past, and the intricate connection between herself and the the Scintillance.

Aria is Gyorgy's debut novella and the first book of the Scintillance Theory series. To begin with I did struggle with the story as it is a slow starter however it soon picked up the pace and I was able to get into the swing of the story. If you are into science fiction or mystery then this is a read for you. 

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