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May has been another brilliant month with quite a few days out, things I've enjoyed watching, buying etc.

Disney plus

Peter Pan and Wendy

This is the new 2023 film and it's definitely not my favourite remake. It was OK and you'll probably find the kids enjoy it. 



Chupa is an fantasy/adventure film where a boy on a family trip to Mexico discovers a young chupacabra hiding in his grandfather's shed.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton story

The young queen's marriage to King George of England ushers in an epic love story and transforms high society.

Inside Man

A prisoner on death row in the U.S. and a woman trapped in a cellar under an English vicarage cross paths in an unexpected way.

We headed out to a local funfair one weekend and met up with friends. The kids all had a blast and Blake even tried rides he wouldn't normally such as a ghost train and the waltsters. His favourite though had to be the bungee trampoline.

We took Blake for the first time to see a football match.  It was a charity match and a great friendly game. I even won a small prize on the raffle.

Plants and plant stakes
We've been getting Plants in this month and these two which I picked up in Wilko are my favourite. They are now starting to grow which is exciting, I just hope we can keep them alive. The squirrel and hedgehog plant stakes are from B&M which I picked up as I thought they were really cute.

Ladybird planter
Blake loves Ladybirds at the moment and we spotted this cute planter in Aldi. We've yet to actually put anything in it but he loves it.

Laybos festival 
We met up with friends at a local charity festival. It was a great event and Blake decided he wanted his face painted for the first time and opted to have a Ladybird on his cheek.

Tipsy Afternoon Tea

I went out for a late afternoon/evening one Friday with friends for a tipsy afternoon tea. The food was amazing as was the drinks. We ended up at a few other local pubs after too.

*Airfryer liners
These silicone airfryer liners are a great reusable and practical item. They are a great option so you don't always have to wash out the tray and they can go straight in the dishwasher. We have a Tower 4.3 liter airfryer and these fit well. 

These bamboo toaster tongs come in handy especially as we cook Blake's potato waffles in the toaster.

These are brilliant for catching hair and debri from going down the drain. 

These small oven gloves are very convenient and protect your fingers from hot temperatures.

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