6 Fun Ways to Get Fit in Your Thirties

It’s a fact of life. Once you’re out of your twenties, things just get harder, right? That’s not just me, surely?

The hangovers last months. The tiredness is constant. And you’re definitely not as fit as you were. But worse than that, it’s harder to get fit with the same amount of effort.

The other thing that rings true for me is the fact that I just don’t like running. I don’t like running or aerobics or sweating on a rowing machine in a gym for hours. So if you’re like me too and you want to get fit but while having fun at the same time, here are 6 ideas for fun ways to get fit in your thirties.


Dance is great! There are so many different types of dance and you can take it as seriously (or not) as you like. From ballroom to ballet, street dance to jazz, the choice is endless. And dance classes for all ages and experience levels are incredibly readily available with a quick Google Search.

Get online and take a look at your nearest.

Aside from being a great way to get your body moving, this can be such a sociable hobby too and a brilliant way to meet new friends or grab your old friends and take them along with you.


You may not ever have considered yourself a Tony Hawk. But it’s never too late to learn to skateboard. 1 in 8 adults in the UK skateboards! Join them. It’s incredible for fitness, brilliant for balance and is just so much fun.

Aside from being a little bit addictive, this is a sport that is actually going to have benefits for the long term. Improving your balance and coordination means you’re less likely to suffers falls as you get older.

See. Grab your board.


  1. Maybe two feet on a board isn’t your bag. But what about rollerblading or skating? Most of us had at least a little go when we were younger, right? Almost 1 in 5 adults rollerblades. So you most certainly won’t be the only thirty something wheeling along wherever you go. From roller discos which are amazing fun, to skate parks for the more ambitious, you can get keep it as simple (or as crazy!) as you like.


  1. So I’m not a fan of running but I do like to hike. This is a hobby that could be as sociable or solo as you please. You can pack a bag and walk for miles alone (hello, peace) or take your friends and have a laugh.
  2. You can adapt where you hike based on your fitness levels. If you’ve done no exercise for a while then a short flat walk is a good way to start. Build up to hill walking or longer hikes. Maybe even start bagging mountain summits.
  3. Beautiful scenery, superb exercise and this is also an activity that is proven to be excellent for your mental health.

Martial Arts

Adults martial arts classes for beginners are incredibly common. This is an excellent method of getting fit and it’s also brilliant for discipline and wellbeing. Many martial arts also focus on mental well being in many ways.

Learning a few new moves, getting a bit fitter and having goals (aiming to graduate through belt colours) can help with focus here. And it definitely beat the treadmill!


Head for your nearest climbing centre and have a go at bouldering. Basically, it’s climbing on lower walls so you don’t need ropes! But it’s harder than it sounds and you start with fairly straightforward routes, before progressing to much more complex ones. As well as being physically demanding, it is mentally challenging too, helping with problem solving skills.

Bouldering is a really easy sport to get into for beginners and there are loads of social groups too if it’s something you think you would enjoy using to meet new friends as well.

Say goodbye to the treadmill…

Fitness can be fun. It doesn’t have to be about slogging on a treadmill or forcing yourself to the gym. I personally believe that fitness is more sustainable when it’s enjoyable. And I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather dance, skate or climb with my mates than slog it out in a sweaty gym!

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