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Phew what a month June has been! It's been super busy with going to see Pink, my birthday, Blake's sports day etc. Below are the things that I have been loving on June. 


I've actually been mainly watching a few films this month. 


The only series I've watched this month. 

Sergio is released from prison 6 years after murdering his parents when he was still a minor. During that time, Sergio has not said a word. Ana Dussel, a young psychiatrist, tries to uncover the whole story. 

Escape room tournament of champions

Ben and Zoey find themselves trapped in a series of deadly escape rooms with four others. They try to survive and find a way out as they slowly discover that they have played the game before.

The Mother

While fleeing from dangerous assailants, an assassin comes out of hiding to protect her daughter, whom she left earlier in life.

Through my window

Raquel has a longtime crush on her hot neighbour, Ares, whom she secretly watches but has never spoken to. Can she make Ares fall in love with her?

Through my window: across the sea

Ares and Raquel maintain a long-distance relationship during his studies in Stockholm. When they meet again, they find that their period of separation has put their love to the test.

Popcorn Frappe
Not at all healthy but I've become obsessed with the Popcorn Frappe from Costa. As a card member I got to try it out before it hit the menu. 

P!nk Summer Carnival 
I went to see P!nk live in Sunderland with friends. It was such an amazing experience and one I'd do again in a heartbeat.

I've had the white pair of these for two months now. I got some birthday vouchers/money which I put towards getting a black pair. They do quite a few other colours which I'm tempted to save up for.

Popsy black cross body bag
I love this bag Stuart got me for my birthday. It comes with 2 Adjustable Detachable Cross Body Straps - 1 x Plain & 1 x Animal Print. 

Pornstar Martini 
We headed to Lincoln for my birthday meal at The Botanist. There I had a pornstar martini, the Botanist has a great selection of different cocktails to choose from.

#CONNETIX Transport Pack 
I was gifted the Connetix Transport Pack in return for a review which you can read here. It's a great magnetic tile set which Blake has really enjoyed playing with.

Beach finds bag
This is a great personalised bag that I purchased from a local company. It’s such a useful product as kids love collecting things such as shells etc at the beach.

Friendship knot ring
This ring was a birthday gift from my best friends.i absolutely love it so had to share it here.

New ink
I've had two new tattoos done. One is of two butterflies and the other is part of a lyric from P!nks song called f**Kin perfect. 

# Kikkerland Terracotta Watering Stake
How cute is this terracotta watering stake. It is an  effective solution to keep your plants thriving even when you're away. Designed to resemble a delightful carrot, this unique watering stake combines functionality with an aesthetic appeal. The process is simple: just fill up a wine bottle or standard emtpy bottle with water, and securely attach it to the stake. As the soil around your plant dries out, the terracotta stake gradually releases the stored water, ensuring your plant receives a consistent and balanced supply. You can leave the watering stake for up to two weeks for peace of mind whilst away.

# Kikkerland make your own perfume kit
The make your own perfume kit contains everything needed to create your own personalised perfume. It provides a hands-on experience, allowing you to mix and match various flowers from nature or add your own essential oils to create a unique fragrance that suits your taste.

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