What is an online school?

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School is such an important part of a child's life, with education laying the foundation for a successful and bright future for each and every individual. However, there are so many approaches to learning nowadays, with traditional school, home schooling, boarding school, and now online school, being some of the most popular options. In recent years, online school has gained a lot of notice as a flexible and easily accessible option for education. As the pandemic proved that learning can be taken online, parents have now understood that students can successfully complete their studies from the comfort of their homes. Continue reading for some advice from this online school in the UK, on more about this approach to education. 

What is online school?

Online school, also known as virtual school or e-learning, is an educational system that allows students to attend their usual classes and complete assignments online. It utilises different platforms, video conferencing such as Zoom, and online resources that help to deliver academic content and provide communication between students and their tutors. Online school usually caters to older students who are able to manage their workload better and understand the technicalities of studying online. From accessing materials to submitting assignments and taking part in group discussions, it provides a flexible and personalised learning experience.


Online school offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides flexibility, meaning students can learn at their own pace and schedule lessons when it is fit for them. It also encourages self-discipline given that there isn’t a teacher who is there to nudge them when needed. Students pick up time management skills and develop their digital skills along the way too, all which are vital for future job roles. 

Online school is on the rise, and for good reason. Given that students can have a personalised learning experience, with the chance to study from anywhere in the world, it is clear why it is becoming a popular choice amongst many.

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