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Have you thought about doing the Myers-Briggs personality test? Knowing your personality type is actually something that can be really useful for many areas of your life. One question you may be wondering though is can identifying your personality type help you to find your ideal career? The short answer is yes and I'll explain more below about how it can and a bit more about the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types.

Simply Academy have courses for those looking at a career in financial or mortgage advice  to suit various personality types. They have a handy post sharing  the common traits of each personality type and to see which personality is best suited to each course.

When it comes to pursuing your ideal career knowing your personality type is definitely useful. An example is that if you are an introvert then a career in a social and customer-oriented role is unlikely to be a career you'll thrive in. Knowing your personality type means that you can find a role where you can find it more easier to connect with your colleagues, you'll perform better in your role, have higher job satisfaction and be able to establish your strengths and weaknesses. 

Let's have a look at the the different Myers-Briggs personality types in detail:

ISTJ – Logistician

Individuals with this personality type are traditional, responsible and trustworthy. They pay close attention to detail, are organised and plan things out in advance.

ISTP – Virtuoso

Virtuoso's love adventure, new experiences and risk-taking. They are fearless and independent, wanting to understand the cause of practical problems and often finding quick solutions.

ISFJ – Defender

Friendly, dedicated, and reserved, these individuals are always ready to defend the people they care about. They are loyal, considerate, and non-confrontational, preferring a peaceful environment.

ISFP – Adventurer

People with this personality type tend to be quiet, sensitive, easy-going and artistic. They value a deep connection with friends and family and often need alone time to recharge.

INFJ – Advocate

One of the rarest Myers-Briggs types, Advocates are quiet and mystical with a creative and analytical nature. They are hardworking, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs of others.

INFP – Mediator

Idealistic, creative and kind, people with this personality type have high morals and are family-oriented with a small group of friends. They are loyal and always willing to help others.

INTJ – Architect

Architect personality types are strategic thinkers who have a plan for everything. They are highly independent, creative, analytical and logical, and are often viewed as perfectionists.

INTP – Logician

Described as quiet and introverted with a thirst for knowledge, Logicians are highly focused on problem-solving and more interested in ideas and concepts than socialising with others.

ESTP – Entrepreneur

These individuals are outgoing and energetic. They enjoy spending time with their wide circle of friends and are often spontaneous, charming and tend to focus on the present.

ESTJ – Executive

Responsible, assertive and organised, executive personality types like to take charge and are results-driven, excelling at implementing plans and tend to be excellent at managing people and things.

ESFP – Entertainer

People with this personality type tend to be friendly, outgoing and impulsive. They enjoy being the centre of attention and like working in new environments, learning through hands-on experiences.

ESFJ – Consul

These individuals are very caring and warm-hearted. They are eager to help others and great at observing people and situations, often wanting to feel appreciated and have their contributions noticed.

ENFP – Campaigner

Enthusiastic, energetic, and imaginative, Campaigners thrive in situations where they can be creative with their work. They have excellent people and communication skills and provide support to others.

ENFJ – Protagonist

These personality types are loyal and good at recognising the emotions of others due to their own sensitive nature. They are friendly, understanding, generous and make good leaders.

ENTP – Debater

Usually focused on the future rather than the present, Debaters are innovative and outspoken. They enjoy debates and interacting with people and are easy to get along with.

ENTJ – Commander

Commanders are confident, organised and have strong leadership skills. They are excellent at making plans, enjoy interacting with people and setting long-term goals.

I've taken the Myers-Briggs personality test over at and I found it to be very insightful. My personality is INFJ Advocate and I've found the information to be spot on and it's incredibly helpful with information on different areas, not just career-wise but on romantic relationships, parenthood and friendship etc.

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