I'm so excited that my favourite season, autumn is officially here! Which of course means it's time to share my autumn bucket list for 2023. I'm so looking forward to ticking off this list of ideas.

1.Go on a nature walk

This gives us a chance to jump in a pile of leaves and collect conkers, leaves, pinecone and acorns.

2.Splash in puddles

Get outside in the rain and have lots of fun together.

3.Go to a pumpkin patch

We love this activity every year and like to visit different places. 

4. Decorate a pumpkin

We have used paint and stickers before but want to have a try at carving one this year.

5. Drink autumn drinks

I love both Pumpkin spiced lattes and Maple syrup lattes/hot chocolate.

6. Make Apple crumble 

Apple crumble is definitely one of my favourite autumn desserts.

7.Get out your autumn scents

It's time to get out the autumn scented candles, wax melts etc.

8. Eat stew, casseroles, soups and chilli's

It's time to get the slow cooker out 

9. Go trick or treating 

Blake loves going to trick or treating 

10 Watch scary films

I love watching scary films more in autumn. We have a list of kids Halloween films we watch together with Blake too.

11.Autumn/Halloween/ bonfire related crafts

I'll be searching Pinterest for ideas of crafts we have yet to do.

12. Make s'mores

S'mores are a must this time of year

13. Get cosy by a fire pit

We purchased one earlier this year and can't wait to use it. 

14. Go for a woodland walk 

There is something special about going for a stroll in the woods during autumn. 

15. Bake cinnamon swirls

Another must have autumn treat

16.Take lots of autumn photos

Pinterest really helps with inspiration 

17. Read autumn/thriller/spooky books

I love thrillers anyway but more so in autumn 

18. Watch fireworks

We love going out and seeing them locally on bonfire night

19. Have a game night

20. Decorate the house

It's time to get out the autumn decor.

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