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November has definitely been a busy month for us as we've had quite a bit going on. It also has meant a slower month for reading and watching films/shows. Although we will be busy doing Christmas related stuff blogging will start to slow down a bit now that my Christmas gift guides are done. I'll still share bits mainly on social media but I'm definitely focusing more on both family time and self care in the lead up to Christmas now.

Fair Play
Fair Play is a graphic, violent erotic thriller/drama about a couple (Phoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich) whose jobs at a toxic hedge fund begin to violently rip apart their relationship. 

*Damage by Caitlin Wahrer 

Julia Hall just wants to hold her family together. But the day her brother-in-law Nick is brutally assaulted is the day everything she's worked so hard to build starts to topple. Julia's husband Tony can't let go of his anger about Nick's attack. Or the police's inability to give him the justice he seeks. He's tempted to take matters into his own hands. Julia knows the man she married. But she fears what this is doing to him - and their family.

*#Escape to the Swiss Chalet by Carrie Walker

Escape to the Swiss Chalet is an easy to read to romance based mainly in the Swiss Alps. This is a great debut to read this time of year. My blog tour post for this one can be found here.

Another book tour read, this time a twisty and a page turner of a thriller. Dead Pretty kept me gripped from the start and includes a twist I didn't see coming. 

Bonfire night
Bonfire night this year was celebrated at home due to our local one being cancelled. We decided to wrap up warm and did a few fireworks and sparklers ourselves and had the fire pit going. We ended up doing hotdogs and chips for tea followed by s'mores.

#Simba Hybrid Duvet 
This is a product from a previous collaboration. I wasn't asked to mention it again however I really wanted to as its the best duvet we've ever had. It's such a worthwhile investment for sleeping well.

*Electric balloon air pump
I'm so glad that I've invested in getting one of these recently. Blake loves balloons and as we use them for various occasions and Blake's birthday is next month so it made sense. I've just used it today ready for our elves hot air balloon arrival tomorrow.  It's not expensive and it has great reviews too.
I like to double cleanse especially on days when I've worn make up. I was in the need of a new cleaner after running out so decided to give this a whirl. So far I'm loving it as I get such dry skin this time of year. I like that it's fragrance free and suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

New roof
An expensive but necessary purchase for our house this month due to a leak. We are happy with how the roof has turned out the roofers have done a great job and we have a 25 year guarantee on it.

I purchased this Wallpaper from B&Q about a year ago and we finally got round to decorating our living room. We love it and it's so much better than the dark purple that was originally there.

Local Christmas event
Christmas events have started and our local Christmas event was held a few weeks ago with entertainment, food stalls, shopping stalls etc to get us into the festive spirit. We had to try the stall that did footlong Fries and then when we visited the next day we tried out the crumble stall which was delicious and had a great selection of flavours.

Stocking hanger
This stocking hanger looks perfect on our fireplace as a cute decor piece and then we will use it to hang up Blake's stocking on Christmas Eve. This particular one is from The Range and they had a few different styles.

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