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Making sustainable choices this Christmas is more important than ever when we consider the shocking fact that over 100 million bags of rubbish go to landfill every festive season. We definitely should all be looking at reigning it in and learning about how to make Christmas more eco-friendly. I can certainly put my hands up and say that us as a family have room for improvement and so this year we've especially been looking at what we can do to make sustainable changes. 

Christmas has definitely become over commercialised but for us Christmas is more about fun festive days out and getting together with family and friends, eating, drinking, playing games and having fun and relaxing after a long year. So with that in mind it's important to have the right balance so we can still enjoy the festive season but be more conscious of our actions and make sustainable swaps along the way.

Shop Secondhand 
When it comes to eco-friendly gifting, buying secondhand is definitely a great way to save money. Unfortunately not everyone likes the idea and sees shopping secondhand at Christmas as a big no no. We on the other hand love to find bargains and you can find some great gems. You can often find items that are brand new with tags, especially on Vinted. It's not just gifts that you may wish to consider buying secondhand this Christmas but you can shop for secondhand decorations, games, books, clothing etc for the festive season. 

Handmade gifts
Handmade gifts are another option that is becoming more popular. Baked goods and hampers are amongst the most popular handmade gifts however there are tons of things you can make as gifts for those nearest and dearest. 

Gifts that keep on giving
Instead of buying "all the stuff" this year look at gifts that will be useful such as vouchers, days out and experiences to do at a later date. Other options are items that will be used over and over again such as a new piece of furniture, tableware etc.

Switch to eco friendly wrapping
Did you know that not all Christmas wrapping is recyclable? There are actually quite a few eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas to use instead. Eg brown paper that can be recycled or cloth bags that can be reused.

Christmas Cards
Ditch the Christmas cards, we are only sending out a few this year and instead will make a charity donation. This is something that is becoming more common now, however if you still want to do them then why not make your own or go paperless and send out an E-card instead. 

It's estimated that around 100 million disposable Christmas crackers go into landfill every Christmas. When you think about it, it's crazy especially as the plastic toys that come in them will end up going into the bin at some point. If you want to still use crackers than reusable crackers are the way to go. *Keep this cracker sell packs of 6 reusable crackers in various fun designs. They come in compostable card wallets that are designed to be reused to store crackers away for another day. With reusable crackers you can put in your own eco-friendly treats instead of that plastic tat you would usually get. They pop like disposable ones do and you can purchase refill cracker snaps including low noise ones plus these crackers don't tare.

Swap any lights you use for ones that are LED. LED lighting isn't just better for the environment but it is also a better option for your pocket as they use 75% less energy than incandescent lights.  

Advent calendars
If you still want to do an advent calendar especially for the kids than purchasing a wooden one to fill with your own treats is a great eco-friendly alternative. 

When it comes to Christmas parties there ends up being extra waste. Instead of buying plastic or paper cups, plates, cutlery etc. for your party, why not hire them instead. 

Cut down on food waste
We are a nation of over buyers. We see something and buy it for "just incase" so this year stop. Get savvy and prevent food waste as so much goes into landfill this time of year. Meal plan for the festive season, store food properly and put good use to your leftovers. But most importantly only buy what you need and if you do over buy than consider donating to the local community before it goes off.

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