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There are plenty of ways to attract wildlife into our gardens. From encouraging butterflies to bugs and even squirrels, today though I am focusing on how you  can attract birds to your garden. You don't have to have a big garden to attract birds, all you need is a food and a feeder.

One of the easiest ways of attracting birds to your garden is to buy wild bird food by providing a selection of nuts, seeds, grains and fruits. This will keep birds healthy and get them coming back to your garden. It's vital to keep refilling your bird feeder often and make sure you clean it out the correct way. If you put bird feeders in the correct places this can attract more birds. You should choose an outside area that is out of direct sunlight and isn't windy.  You should also place your feeder in an area where birds can have a 360 view while they feed so that they can keep an eye out for predators.

Provide a range of feeders
There are such a variety of different style bird feeders such hanging feeders, bird tables and feeding stations. Hanging feeders and bird tables in the same area offer two different feeding solutions. Feeding stations are great to host multiple feeders at once.

Fresh Water
Food maybe what attracts birds to your garden however fresh water may help them stick around for drinking and bathing in. A water feeder is a great idea for thirsty birds but a bird bath is ideal if you have space so they can preen after feeding.

Providing shelter for birds such as nesting boxes are a great idea for them to be able to sit and rest.

Practicing good hygiene
Keeping feeders, bird baths, bird houses etc clean is vital. This will keep birds healthy and safe and encourages them to keep returning to your garden.

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