I've decided this year to not do monthly favourites posts. However I'm going to do monthly being thrifty posts instead. Being thrifty isn't just about saving money but it's about changing your spending habits. So for me it's going to be about "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without" I know I'm going to find it hard and won't be like this 100% of the time but I think it's something that I definitely want to get into the mindset about. I've started following some frugal bloggers including Katy at The Non Consumer Advocate to inspire me.

So what have I done this month for being thrifty?

Tracked my monthly expenses 
I've been using the snoop app for awhile to track my expenses. However I've found that writing down my expenses is making me more aware and accountable when it comes to my spending. 

I opened up a regular digital saver with my current bank for round ups and I've already managed to save just under a tenner in the space of two weeks.

Stocks and shares ISA 
I'm learning more about investing and have opened up a stock and shares ISA with Monzo.

Downgraded Netflix plan
I decided to downgrade my Netflix plan to the basic plan with adverts. I got a Netflix gift card for Christmas so I won't have to pay until June now. 

Compared home insurance 
This month was time for our home insurance renewal. We made sure we compared prices instead of auto renewing.

Walking/spin bike
I've been doing move for mind this year and so I've focused on free ways to move. As much as I would love to go to the gym it's not something I can afford so instead I've been mainly going for  walks and using my spin bike at home. 

No visit to coffee shops
This month I've saved a bit of money by not heading to any coffee shops. This was probably easier than I expected as I've avoided going into town as much as I usually would do.

So that's where I am at for January hopefully these posts will inspire you when it comes to being thrifty.

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