Happy New Year! So 2024 is here and I've sat and  planned my list of personal goals/resolutions for the year ahead. I enjoy goal setting and I like to set achievable goals that challenge me and help with my personal development. 

Below I'm sharing these personal goals and I'm hoping they will also inspire you to set your own goals or even just give you something to think about.

Move for Mind
I've signed up for Move for Mind this year where I'll be raising money and awareness for better mental health by completing 31 minutes of activity a day for the 31 days of January. 

Read 65 books
I managed to get through 63 books in 2023 so was pretty close and know that it is a doable target for me. 

Have more date nights
Stuart and I don't have date night enough. So this year the plan is to do something even if it is only once a month. 

Sort out finances
I'm going to do a separate post on this as sorting out my finances is definitely one of my top goals for 2024. I'll be doing things such as budgeting, tracking my spending, paying off debt,  saving etc.

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