Being Thrifty this month has been good although my mobile has now broken so I need to budget next month for it to be fixed. Luckily I have insurance on it so hopefully I'm only going to have to pay out the excess fee and no more. Other than that I've managed to make some good bring thrifty choices.

Homemade Mother's Day gifts

This year for Mother's Day gifts we used things we already had to make gifts. We already had photo frames we weren't using and a printer/ photo paper so we used them and i made some prints using Canva.

Free Daffodils 

Stuart was given some free daffodils by someone who had got hold of some that were going to be thrown away. 

Water Butt

We decided to invest in getting a water butt which in return has been a great way to concerve water and use for watering our plants.

Too good to go

This month we got a Cooplands, too good to go bag which had a great selection of cakes along with hot cross buns and soft white rolls. We used up all the items so it was a definite worthwhile bag.


I've managed to sell a few bits on Vinted this month and also purchased a few other bits off there for myself to refresh my wardrobe ready for spring.

Amazon shopping panel

I scan my receipts on the amazon shopping pannel app. I got an  £8 amazon gift card this month on the first which I used for a book for Blake and a creeper bowl as his Easter gifts from us. 

Free hot chocolate 

I used my free Costa drink on a hot chocolate whilst spending a bit of me time out. I opted for the kit kat hot chocolate and a slice of lemon drizzle cake as I also had 30% off food.

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