I've now completed using the AMIRO R3 Facial Device for 30 days to help with toning my skin. The device is also great for helping smooth out any wrinkles and in my first post I explained about how the technology works. As a reminder the facial device  uses Radiofrequency and ionization to enhance penetration, resulting in a deeper, broader, more even and more efficient effect. 

I also shared an update on how the device works, what it feels like to use and my results after  the initial 2 weeks. As a reminder after 2 weeks I was already noticing that my skin was feeling more toned especially around the eye area and my cheeks.

The device is simple to use with three different setting modes and five different levels of intensity. For the first two weeks I used the facial device, every 2 days testing out the different modes. Then for a further 16 days, I've been using it every day using a different mode each day.  I've also been testing out the different levels, level 1 is a definite must for the first time using the device as level 5 is quite a strong intensity.  I also recommend using level 1 if using the device for the first time in awhile so that you can get use to the intensity again.

Using the device has definitely had a noticeable affect on my skin. I personally have noticed that around my eyes and my cheeks they feel more toned and less puffy. I've also noticed a slight difference in my jaw line. I've not noticed much difference on my forehead however I'm using the facial device for toning purposes rather than focusing on soothing any wrinkles.
Mode 1: The eye area
The eye area is the mode that I've used the most. I personally prefer to use the AMIRO gel around the eye area rather than one of the eye masks provided in the set. When using the eye mode I've only gone as far as using level 3 as any higher for me would have felt a too strong intensity around such a delicate area of skin. 

Mode 2 : V Contour Emergency Mode
This mode is for using on the jawline and I did use the masks that were included despite them being a bit on the small side. If you have a problem with the fit of them like I did the gel can be used instead. 

Mode 3 : Full Face anti aging
The instruction booklet that comes with the set explains the best way to use this mode is on your forehead and cheeks in a downward motion. I was able to go to the maximum intensity level (5) when using this mode. The gel makes it easy for the device to glide across the skin and I also have tried using my usual facial serum with the device which also works well. 

Overall the AMIRO R3 Facial Device is a great device to use as part of your daily skincare routine. If you are wanting to tone your skin and smooth out wrinkles in a convenient and safe way without the need of professionals than the AMIRO R3 Facial Device is for you.  You can use the facial device from the comfort of your home, It's rechargeable and also wireless so ideal for travelling, with the make up bag being ideal to store it in. The gel works well for all modes of use and is my preference over the masks you get within the set. The device actually works and after time gives a noticeable difference along with a glow to your skin after use.

The limited-edition set retails at £425 although currently on sale for £307. Although it may seem pricey the AMIRO R3 Turbo Facial RF Skin Tightening Device is worth investing in if you know that you will use it often. It's also makes a great gift for someone who you know is into their skincare. 

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