Being Thrifty this month has gone well I've managed to get quite a good amount of freebies as well as a variety of other thrifty things. 

I sold a few more bits on Vinted recently which I used the funds to get B some new shorts as he was in need.

Stuart managed to get some boneless chicken thighs from Aldi that were 75% off. We got two trays for £1.98 instead of £8.99. 

I've not brought any new books and instead I've been making my way through the books I own but have yet to read.

Giant Teddy
I entered a raffle at a Here comes Summer event and won a giant Teddy. B is absolutely in love with it so it now sleeps with him. On the plus side the raffle ticket was free as I was one of the first 200 people to buy tickets to the event.

Silk painting 
I attended a free silk painting workshop which I really enjoyed. It was great to learn a new skill and meet new people.

Lenor in-wash scent boosters
I got accepted by super savvy me to test out their new in-wash scent boosters. I managed to use a few of the £2 off vouchers in my local Morrisons to get a few at 75p each. 

Free gym equipment 
When we've had a few nice days we've gone to a local park and whilst B has been on the slide we've been using the free gym equipment that they have there. 

I used my months amazon voucher from the shopping panel on some itchy relif gel for B as he had an allergy and can't take oral antihistamines. I used the last £2 on some face scrub.

Free Autism Reality Experience 
We went to a free autism reality experience which was very informative. The bus we went on really helped us to appreciate and see for ourselves the sensory side of autism.

Understanding Autism level 2
I decided to sign up for a distance learning course on understanding autism. It's free and I should finish it by the end of August.

- 3ml CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion
- 5ml La Roche-Posay eye serum
- 7.5ml Sol De Janeiro spf 50 body lotion
- 75ml Dove gradual self tan for fade and body
- Maggi Mexican Chicken recipe mix
-  Cocoa Canopy hot chocolate beads 

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