Taking care of our mental health is crucial for our wellbeing. With busy lives and daily stressors it's important that we have something in place for those times when we are struggling. This is why creating a mental health kit can be valuable for our mental health and wellbeing. 

What is a mental health kit?
A mental health kit or a crisis kit as some people call it, is a collection of both physical and digital resources that are aimed at supporting your wellbeing. The items should be personal to you to help bring comfort and support during difficult times. You can purchase custom kits however it's more fun and personal to make your own.

Items to include in a mental health kit
Creating your own kit can be fun as the possibilities of what you can include are endless.  It doesn't have to be a physical box either as it can be a room, a drawer, a bag etc. The key is to have it to suit your needs. Below are some ideas of things to include:

- Books/Magazines/Journals
Reading and journaling are activities that can be very therapeutic. 

- Warm beverages
Warm beverages can be comforting. I have coffee everyday so prefer to have hot chocolate in my kit as a treat. But you can include coffee, tea, hot chocolate...

- Snacks
Add comforting treats/snacks to indulge in such as your favourite bar of chocolate or crisps.

- Candles 
Candles in calming scents such as lavender  or chamomile.

- Photos
Photos for looking at happy memories that bring you joy.

- Affirmation notes/cards
You can make these yourself or buy them.

- Stress balls/fidget spinners
These are great for diverting energy and focus away from anxiety and stress.

- Pamper bits
I like to include items such as face masks, bath bombs, eye masks and moisturisers.

- Tissues
Because sometimes you just need a good cry

 - Favourite Film
Watching your favourite film can be a welcome distraction. Yes you could stream it but DVDs are useful as they are more convenient and reliable.

- Playlist
Music can help you to relax and lift your mood. So make a playlist of your favourite songs.

- Meditation Apps
Apps like Calm and Headspace are great for guided meditations.

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