Is Cartier a Good Watch to Gift Your Woman?

For over a century, the name Cartier has been synonymous with luxury, elegance, and impeccable craftsmanship. Founded in Paris in 1847, the iconic French jeweller has established itself as a purveyor of exquisite timepieces that are coveted by watch collectors. When it comes to gifting a watch that embodies timeless sophistication and symbolic significance, a Cartier timepiece is an excellent choice for the woman in your life. This article delves into the reasons why Cartier watches make an exceptional gift for women, exploring their timeless elegance, superior craftsmanship, and symbolic value.

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 Ad – review. I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

Today I am involved in the book tour for Hidden Depths by J.H.Mann. Jason Mann is an award-winning journalist and writer living in the South West of England with Nicola, his wife, and their lively whippet, Patch. He is also a shore-based volunteer for the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution). Jason says: ‘Many of my stories are set in the wonderful county of Cornwall where truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction. I have swum and surfed there much of my life. It has been a special place for me with its legends, soaring cliffs, rugged moors and wild seas. The landscape has a raw, mystical magic.

About the book
On a wild Cornish headland, Catherine Carlyon takes a decision that will change her life forever. She is facing the bleak prospect of years in prison after being sucked into a fraud by a man she thought loved her. Catherine has found a possible way out – to disappear. But disappearing comes at a price.


Cruises have become a popular vacation choice for many travellers, offering a unique blend of relaxation, adventure, and entertainment. However, one common question that often arises when planning a cruise is, "Is food included in the price of a cruise?" In this blog post, we'll explore this question and shed light on what you can expect when it comes to dining on a cruise ship.

The Cruise Fare: What's Included?

When you book a cruise, the cruise fare typically covers several essential components of your vacation experience. These often include:


Your cruise fare includes a comfortable stateroom or cabin, depending on the type of cabin you choose. The quality and size of your accommodation will vary based on the cruise line and cabin category, with suites usually offering more luxurious amenities and space.

Onboard Entertainment

Most cruise lines offer a variety of onboard entertainment options, such as live shows, movies, fitness facilities, pools, and recreational activities. These are generally included in the cruise fare, so you can enjoy them without any additional charges.

Port Visits

Your cruise itinerary will include stops at various ports of call, allowing you to explore different destinations. These port visits are part of the cruise package, although any excursions you choose to participate in at each port may incur extra charges.

Some Dining

Most cruises include access to a range of dining options. These typically consist of a main dining room, buffet-style restaurant, and casual eateries like pizzerias or burger joints. These dining venues are often included in your cruise fare, and you can enjoy a variety of cuisines throughout your journey.

Hydrating Foods To Help You Combat Dehydration

Dehydration is a health risk, especially during the summer months. To avoid dehydration ensure that you're getting enough liquids from your drinks and food. You don't need fork out on expensive or fancy electrolyte replacement drinks or shakes to stay hydrated.

Dehydration is a common health risk. It can happen when the body doesn't have enough fluids to function properly. The summer can be a particularly difficult time because of all the activities that require you to sweat, such as hiking or playing sports. Avoid getting dehydrated by getting enough fluids from what you eat and drink. This means you won't need expensive or fancy electrolyte drinks to combat dehydration, instead you can just drink water and eat these hydrating foods.

In this post I'm sharing the foods that naturally hydrate you. These can make staying hydrated on a hot, summer day a much easier process.

Hydrating Foods - Watermelon

When we think of hydrating foods we instantly think of watermelon. Watermelon has a water content of 91%, making it a great snack or dessert for keeping you hydrated. Watermelon is also quite cheap per serving if you buy a whole watermelon, slice it up and keep it in airtight containers in the fridge. It's definitely one of my favourite hydrating food options during the summer.


Broccoli is a highly nutritious vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked. It's high in vitamins A, C, and K and contains potassium, calcium, and fibre. It also has a high water content which makes it great at hydrating you.

It can be eaten raw or cooked - you can snack on chopped up broccoli, add it to a salad or add it to many cooked meals for added hydration. I personally prefer it cooked and is one of my favourite vegetables.

How to start budgeting as a couple


Hi, my name is Karen and I am a Finance Coach. I specialise in helping couples talk about money - without arguing.

I would like to offer you my FREE eBook, How To Get On The Same Financial Page As Your Spouse.

If you have any thoughts or questions on how you can start budgeting as a couple, please don’t hesitate to email me

Conversations about money aren’t romantic and I know that talking about your personal finances probably won’t be high up on your list of things to talk about.

But, with money being one of the main causes of divorce, it’s a topic that you should really get a handle on before you get married.

My husband and I were married for 18 years before we got on the same financial page.

We had marriage mentors, a financial advisor and we attended wedding prep classes. No one told us how important talking about money was. No one told us how to budget. No one told us how vital it is to be on the same financial page.

That’s why I became a finance coach. To tell everyone that getting on the same financial page is critical for your personal finances and your financial future.

Take it from me, when you and your spouse are on the same financial page, you work together to create and CRUSH money goals as a team, it’s a game changer. Not only for your finances but for your marriage too.

If you are on the same financial page, this can be an exciting moment. However, if you are on two different pages financially, this may be overwhelming.

By following these tips, you can start talking about money in a positive way and start budgeting together as a couple.

Discuss your views on money

Every person has a different childhood that impacts their views and thoughts about money.

It influences their money saving, spending, and investing habits.

Therefore, jump into the money conversation and talk about your first memories of money.

Understand each other’s experiences of having no, little, or too much money at different points and how it shaped your money mindset.

Remember that your childhood experiences of money may be different but that doesn’t mean that one is right and the other wrong.

As a newly married couple, talking about your money memories will help you to understand each other and from there you can work together to start a new path on your financial journey as a couple.

Here are a few questions to get you started:


 Ad – review. I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

Today I am involved in the book tour for Friends for life by Liz Murphy. Originally from Scotland, Liz Murphy moved to London in the mid 1980s as a features writer on Woman’s Own and since then has worked on some of the biggest weekly and monthly magazines in the country including Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, TVTimes and Sky The Magazine, where she held senior editorial positions. Liz is also a qualified mat and reformer Pilates teacher.

  The sudden death of her husband, Steve, prompted her to reassess her priorities, following which she left magazines and now focuses her time on teaching Pilates, playing tennis, working at tennis tournaments, singing in a choir and sitting on the governing body of a federation of three primary schools. She has two grown-up daughters.

About the book 
Kate, Rose and Pascalle are thrown together because they share one experience – they have each lost their husbands. Shocked and bewildered, all three try to work out what it means to be suddenly alone with no partner, no security and their entire future wiped out.
If that wasn’t enough, they are also faced with family conflict, elderly parents, and a support network that turns out to be sadly lacking. And for each woman, secrets from the past threaten to derail their attempts to move on.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Recognizing Professional Gutter Cleaning Standards

*This is a collaborative post

Gutters play a crucial role in the maintenance of your home's structural integrity by diverting rainwater away from the foundation. Proper gutter maintenance not only protects the building but also boosts its aesthetic appeal.

For many homeowners, hiring a professional gutter cleaning company ensures that this task is done efficiently and effectively. However, identifying which companies meet professional standards can be challenging without a clear understanding of what those standards entail. This guide will assist UK homeowners in identifying reputable gutter cleaning services that adhere to the highest industry standards.

What are Professional Gutter Cleaning Standards?

Professional gutter cleaning standards refer to the criteria and best practices that ensure the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of gutter maintenance services. These standards are often set by industry associations and adhered to by reputable companies to provide consistent, high-quality service.

Equipment and Techniques Used

A company following professional standards will use high-quality, specialised equipment designed for gutter cleaning. This includes sturdy ladders, high-power vacuums, and telescopic gutter cleaning tools. The techniques used should ensure that gutters are cleaned thoroughly without damaging the roof or the gutters themselves.

Safety Protocols

Professional gutter cleaning involves strict adherence to safety protocols to protect both the workers and your property. This includes the use of safety harnesses, proper ladder handling, and ensuring that all activities are compliant with the UK’s health and safety regulations.

Insurance and Certification

Reputable gutter cleaning services will hold public liability insurance to cover any potential damages incurred during the process. Additionally, certifications from related industry bodies can affirm the company's commitment to adhering to professional standards.

Transparency in Pricing and Services

An essential aspect of professional standards is transparency in pricing and the scope of services provided. Professional companies should provide clear, no-obligation quotes and detailed invoices that break down the costs and describe the services performed.

Consistent Customer Service

The level of customer service is a direct reflection of professionalism. Prompt responses, courteous service, and clear communication are hallmarks of companies that value client satisfaction and adhere to professional standards.

Environmental Awareness

Professional gutter cleaners should also demonstrate a commitment to environmentally friendly practices, such as proper disposal of waste and use of sustainable cleaning materials where applicable.

Regular Training and Updates

The gutter cleaning industry continues to evolve with technological advancements and regulatory changes. Professional companies invest in regular training for their staff to stay updated with the latest equipment and cleaning methods.

Why are Professional Standards Important?

Having a clear set of standards helps to maintain a high level of service across the industry and provides homeowners with confidence in their choice of gutter cleaning service. Here are several reasons why these standards are critical:


Embarking on a solo travel adventure doesn't have to have a drain your savings account. With a bit of planning and some smart choices, you can explore the world on a tight budget and make your solo journey both affordable and memorable.We've touched on the benefits of travelling alone and in my ultimate guide to travelling solo i mentioned briefly on budgeting wisely. So in this guide I'm sharing money-saving tips and strategies to help you navigate your solo adventures without breaking the bank.

Set a Realistic Budget

The first step to budget-friendly solo travel is setting a clear and realistic budget. Determine how much you can afford to spend on your trip, taking into account your transportation, accommodation, food, activities, and any contingencies. Having a well-defined budget will guide your spending decisions throughout your travels.

Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

One of the easiest ways to save money on travel is by choosing to travel during off-peak seasons. Flights, accommodations, and even activities are often more affordable when destinations are less crowded. Additionally, you'll enjoy a quieter and more authentic travel experience.

Be Flexible with Dates

Flexibility with your travel dates can lead to significant savings. Use fare comparison websites and apps to find the most budget-friendly flight options. Sometimes, flying a day or two earlier or later can result in substantial discounts.

Utilize Fare Alerts

Set up fare alerts for your desired destinations. Websites and apps like Skyscanner and Google Flights allow you to receive notifications when flight prices drop. This way, you can seize opportunities for discounted airfare.

Consider Budget Airlines

Explore budget airlines for your flights. While they may not offer all the frills of premium carriers, they often provide substantial savings, especially on short-haul flights. Just be sure to read the fine print regarding baggage fees and any additional charges. Also check out these tips on finding cheap flights.


 I definitely could have done better at being thrifty this month. However tomorrow is a new month for trying again. Update on my phone iy ended up being replaced as it couldn't be fixed and as it was under warranty  I didn't need to pay anything phew. So that is definitely a plus for this past month.

Second hand dress

I managed to get a dress to wear for a wedding in August for under £10 off Vinted. Now I just need to find shoes and handbag to go with it.

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Shaping Bodysuit for You

*This is a collaborative post 

Shaping bodysuits stand as a contemporary marvel in the world of fashion. In recent times, their popularity has skyrocketed, and they have proved themselves as key items in any modern wardrobe. We truly appreciate how these handy, stylish bodysuits make us look and feel, offering a smooth, fashionable silhouette.

For a more sophisticated, streamlined look, try pairing a thong bodysuit with a satin skirt. If you're opting for a relaxed, casual vibe, wear it with jeans; you won't have to worry about shirt tucking issues anymore. Bodysuits also offer a sleek base layer under your favorite leather or denim jacket.

Eager to know how to pick the best shapewear? Fear not! The process resembles that of choosing shapewear: considering a few important factors. Along with referring to a bodysuit size chart, here's what you need to know:

Sizing Your Bodysuit by Length

Your bodysuit's length should perfectly match that of your torso, be it long, average, or short. Ensure that the bodysuit has sufficient fabric length to cover you comfortably, without being too tight or overly loose. When trying a bodysuit design like a thong for the first time, test it while wearing the bra you intend to pair it with. Some movement, like a few squats, will give you a feel for how it sits and moves with your body.

For the best fit, PowerConceal™ 2.0 V-Neck Thong Bodysuit is highly recommended.

PowerConceal™ 2.0 V-Neck Thong Bodysuit

PowerConceal™ 2.0 V-Neck Thong Bodysuit features robust non-adjustable straps for unwavering support, complemented by precise center front and side stitching for enhanced contouring. Furthermore, the inclusion of a cotton gusset with snap closure maximizes comfort and ensures ease of use.