List of Halloween/Horror Films


Halloween is just over 2 weeks away but that doesn't mean you can't start watching your favourite Halloween films. This post contains a mixture of family friendly films along with ones that will be best watched when younger children are in bed. 

Child friendly:
- Hocus Pocus
- Casper
- Hotel Transylvania 1,2 & 3
- Monster House
- The Corpse Bride
- Goosbumps 1,2,3
- The nightmare before Christmas
- Frankenweenie
- Edward Sissorhand
- Coraline
- The Adams family
- It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown
- Monsters Inc
- Halloweentown
- Ghostbusters
- Scoobydoo 1 & 2
- Beetlejuice
- Coco

- IT
- Annabelle
- Saw Collection
- The Collector
- The conjuring
- The exorcist
- The shining
- Nightmare on elm street
- The ring
- Drag me to hello
- Halloween Saga
- Freddie
- Jason
- Texas chainsaw massacre
- Chuckie
- Silence of the lambs
-Friday the 13th
- The exorcism of Emily Rose

I'm sure there are some I've forgotten about or just not heard of. What's your favourite Halloween/Horror Film?

5 Creative Hobbies to try


Reading is my number one favourite hobby however I like to explore my creative side a bit more.  Over the last year I've found 5 creative hobbies  that I absolutely love to make time for.  You don't have to be extremely talented either because trust me I'm not. 

Colouring in
I always loved colouring in as a child but I didn't get really into the adult colouring trend as much until around year ago.  I came across the beautiful secret garden colouring book by Johanna Basford and once I found the right colouring pens for me that was it. It's a great way for you to clear your mind. The image above is my favourite one I've done so far in the book.

I personally love the ones with prompts as they really get me thinking. Last year I completed the Happy Journal by Fearn Cotton this year I've been jotting in various others I have.

I have a sketchbook that I am trying to fill up by June next year as it's on my 30 before 30 list. I loved art at school but I'm definitely not amazing at it. I'm wanting to make more time for doing this and start using more mediums in there.

Whether taking photos for my blog posts or social media photography is a great way to get inspired. One of the things I really want to do is start getting photos printed off more especially ones of Blake and the 3 of us making memories as a family. 

Calligraphy is another creative hobby I added to my 30 before 30 list and i definitely need lots more practise. There are some great books available, I picked up some from the Works as they are a great place to get them from.

What creative hobbies do you enjoy?