Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Tactical Tuesdays (Autumn bucket list)

Welcome back to another week of #TacticalTuesdays,  which I am co-hosting with the lovely Vicky from The Tactical Mummy. I'm loving that many of you have been joining in with our linky so far. 

If you haven’t joined in with #TacticalTuesdays  before the idea behind the posts is that you share with us your Tactical Parenting Hacks for the week.It can be anything as simple as that you have cooked fish fingers or a clever idea you have had to entertain your children. 

Every Tuesday we share a post this can be new or from the archives and we invite you do the same as part of this linky. The following week we will share one of our favourite posts and link back to your blog. 

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Our featured post of the week is Energy Hacks For Tired & Exhausted Moms by Mommys timeline. Her hacks will be helpful for a lot of mums I especially think its a great idea to prioritize chores.

Tactical Tuesday at Joanna Victoria
If you are a regular reader it wont be a surprise that autumn is my favourite season. I've compiled a bucket list of fun things for us to do during my favourite season and hopefully will give you some inspiration too. 

- Go on a scavenger hunt 
- Go on a woodland walk 
- Create autumn leaf art
- Autumn tuff tray 
- Play in a leaf pile
- Get wellies on and jump in puddles
- Make an apple crumble
- Enjoy stews and casseroles
- Wrap up in jumpers, cosy socks or getting under a blanket
- Drink Hot chocolate
- Make homemade soup 
- Create a den in the living room
- Buy pumpkin/s
- Snuggle up with a book 
- Have indoor picnic near the fireplace
- Drink/eat things pumpkin 
- Buy autumn candles
- Dress the home up for autumn 
- Visit a farm 
- Cinnamon and apple porridge
- Watch a scary film 
- Make s'mores
- Bake bread
- Take loads of autumnal photos
- Halloween crafts
- Autumn simmer pot
- All things Hygge

Do you have any other ideas of the autumn things we could add to our list?

Monday, 25 September 2017

Living Arrows: 39/52

Blake is now on his 3rd week of Pre-School and I have been finding that the weeks/weekends are just flying by. I also feel that I'm not spending as much time with him and doing different things as I would like. When Blake hasn't been at Pre-School most of the time has been spent playing with his new Thomas train set which he really loves. Hence why this weeks photos are of him playing with the set. 

One thing I do love about Blake's Pre-School is that they take loads of photos so that parents can see what their child/ren have been up to and I have loved seeing them as its so reassuring for me. One of my favourites from last week was him playing with leaves in the Pre-School garden. 

Living Arrows

Things I'm looking forward to : Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a holiday destination I've been wanting to go on for quite awhile now. Once Stuart has got a passport all sorted, we will sort out booking our holiday. The plan at the moment is to go sometime in 2018 and we are looking forward to a break away feeling the sun on our skin and sand in our hair. 

Fuerteventura is a destination suitable for all ages and I've found myself browsing to find the place to stay for us to stay. One of things I have done is look up Holiday Gems Fuerteventura holiday deals and I'm so excited about the things to look forward to about visiting there as it's also a great destination for families. 

So here are the things I am most looking forward to : 

Fuerteventura is a warm climate with year-round sunshine so I know that whatever month we decided to go we will get some much needed sun on our British bones.

Relaxing on a stunning beach with an amazing view for short periods of time is my idea of heaven.  Plus Blake loves playing with sand and so it would be great for him too building sandcastles with our help of course. 

When we go on holiday we aren't the type of people who love to sit around the pool all day. 
We like to do other things as well as soaking up the sun and swimming. When it comes to the place we stay we will look out for activities they provide at the resort and entertainment for the evenings.

As I mentioned above we don't like sitting round the pool all day and so to us being able to go on a few excursions during our stay there is important to us, as we'd love to explore what the island has to offer

All inclusive
Not having to worry about food while we are on holiday especially with a fussy toddler to me is heaven. With All inclusive I know there will be something all of us will eat. Even if it does turn out to be biscuits like Blake did in Cape Verde last year. 

Do you have any plans for holidays in 2018? Have you ever visited Fuerteventura  if so I'd love to know where you stayed and if you loved the place. 

* In Collaboration with Holiday Gems

Friday, 22 September 2017

Autumn Pre-School Run Wishlist

Now that autumn is here and Blake started Pre-School last week I have compiled a wishlist of Items that I would like for when I am doing the Pre-School run. 

I am in need of a much better coat for the Pre-School run ,as the last few weeks I have found my usual coat isn't as waterproof as I would like it to be. I really love this navy design by Joules as it looks stylish but also will keep the rain off me. I love that its a neutral colour so will go with a lot my clothing and accessories. 

Another item is a comfy pair of shoes. I like to wear boots in autumn/ winter however my current pair have left me with blisters. I love wearing black knee high ones and this pair look great with a zip down the side and a small heel meaning they should be comfy. I love black boots as they go with everything that I wear. 

It's lovely to have my own bag again and not having to use a changing bag anymore. I do love the one above as its smart looking and a good enough size for what I need as I don't take much with me these days. As with the boots I like black bags as they go with everything I own and so are perfect when I am popping out to do the school run. 

Not an essential however I'd love a fitbit flex 2 as I'm starting to get into the idea of tracking my steps. I think it's a great way for you to know if you are doing the recommended amount of steps in a day. I'm certainly walking a lot more than I use to thanks to doing the Pre-school run most days.    

What are your Pre-School/School run must have's for the autumn?

Images sourced from Lyst.co.uk

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Fisher-Price® Thomas & Friends™ Adventures™ Cranky at the Docks

Blake and I were excited to receive the new Thomas Track Set to add to his train collection. Fisher-Price Thomas & Friend  Adventures Cranky at the Docks is an exciting new  track set where little engineers help Thomas and Cranky on their latest adventure at Brendam Docks. 

The set is a great size as it's small enough to store away but big enough for little ones to enjoy playing with.This means that it doesn't take up most of our living room and can be stored away easily in one of his toy boxes.  The  instructions were easy to follow when it came to putting the track together which is always handy when you have an eager toddler who wants it ready "NOW"!

The set features: 
- A rotating cranky which rotates 360 degrees and an arm that can be raised and lowered
- Thomas metal die cast engine plus a boat
- A drawbridge that moves up and down

The set is suitable for ages 3 years and over. Although Blake isn't 3 until December he does love playing with this set especially the die cast Thomas. The set can also be connected to other Thomas & Friends Adventures playsets that your little one may have. 

The set is great for letting children explore and use their imagination along with helping to develop both fine and gross motor skills. Blake loves the little Thomas and running him around the track and it's a great size for little hands. Cranky is another favourite due to him being able to move around and has a hook to load. 

The set retails at £34.99 which considering it can be connected to other Thomas and friend adventure sets is a great price. The set is definitely worth purchasing if you have a little one that loves Thomas or trains general. The set is also sturdy so I know that it will certainly last awhile. I also like that with this train set you don't have to worry about batteries and needing to replace them which I do with other train sets we own. 

*I was sent the Thomas and Friends Cranky at the Docks for this review although all opinions are of my own.