Wednesday, 19 April 2017

What Daddy Wore: Jacamo Clothing

*We received the clothing for an honest review 

Stuart doesn't get a mention that often over on my blog so when Jacamo got in touch asking if we wanted to review some clothing for him I said yes. It's great to be able to include Stuart on my blog and to be able to cater for any male readers of my blog. I think I need to include Stuart more on my blog so watch this space. 

Stuart lives in polo shirts at the weekends and so naturally when choosing items for him I went straight to that section on Jacamo's website. They had quite a wide selection to choose from in a range of sizes and different brands. 

As Stuart suits darker colours better I thought navy would be a great colour to opt for rather than black and so I decided to find some polo shirts that weren't similar to what he already has in his wardrobe. I think I actually did well as Stuart loves the items I picked for him. 

The first I picked out is the Original Penguin Printed front polo, RRP: £60. The shirt features a white checked pattern across the front with a plain navy collar, arms and back. It has a three button collar and the Original Penguin logo embroidered onto the chest.

The second shirt is the Mish Mash Hunter Polo, RRP:£40. The shirt features a micro print blue fabric with contrasting plain blue collar, buttoned down three-button collar and a small slit pocket on the left of the chest.

We went for Stuart's usual size which is a large and they are true to size as he likes to have his shirts on the baggy side. They are of excellent quality and comfortable which make them perfect to wear in the spring/summer time. 

The Jacamo menswear range including suits, shirts, chinos and other men's clothing starting at size S right up to size 5XL. 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The pressures of hitting milestones

Every child learns at their own pace is a phrase I hear an awful lot, in fact I was taught it when I was studying childcare at college back in 2007/08. So why is it when you have a child of your own that there is so much pressure on us parents for our children to meet their developmental milestones?

Isn't it time to start ending our obsession of our children meeting their milestones and actually let them do things at their own pace? Since the age of one when we had a one year review with the health visitor we were told Blake was a bit behind in most areas. 

This has meant constant reviews and filling in questionnaires every 6 months or so and referrals to different professionals. I was quite relaxed about Blake's development until others started to question why he wasn't walking (he did eventually at 19 months) and the questionnaires that the health visitor gave me didn't help with my worry about why he wasn't doing certain things. 

He was referred for a medical assessment which he passed and he was then discharged from. Then the health visitor become concerned about his lack of speech and so he was referred to see a speech therapist who we are seeing at the moment every 8 weeks or so. 
He has also had a hearing test which he passed and I had to undertake a chatter tots course last year for a few weeks to learn ways on which to help with his speech. 

I don't disagree with the need of having a developmental timeline to catch severe developmental delays and I can see how it can help many families. I just feel that there really is too much pressure and competitiveness for children being able to do the same thing as their peers. 

Blake was 19 months when he learnt to walk properly, some of his friends learnt at one year ,others around the 15 month mark. I feel as long as Blake is still learning even if he is a little behind his friends than that's OK.

I think it's time for us while they are little to enjoy kids being kids as at the end of the day. Once they start going to school that's when they will have to start thinking more about achieving things ready to be successful in life. 

Monday, 17 April 2017

Living Arrows 16/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” by Kahlil Gibran

The first photo I'm sharing this week is of Blake chilling out on the sofa after keeping me up Wednesday night until 3am Thursday morning as he didn't want to sleep and wanted to play. He is such a cheeky little one and it's a good job he is cute as I can't stay mad at him for long. 

The second photo is from yesterday (Easter Sunday) when we popped to see his Grandad at the care home. Blake loves his Grandad and he was also running around this was taken when he decided he wanted to be in the outside bit. His outfit you can probably see is slightly dirty from covering himself in not just his dinner but from one of his Easter eggs too. 

Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Ordinary Moments - Easter hunts, baking and visiting family

This weeks been a good one with the lead up to Easter weekend we have done quite a bit actually this week compared to recently. 

One of the things we did this week was an Easter hunt although I wasn't impressed with it. Blake enjoyed himself going round finding the clues whilst on Stuart's shoulders. The hunt was finding clues dotted around and at the end you got a small plastic egg with a small pack of Haribo. The whole thing wasn't that organised well either which was a shame really as it could have been good. 

This week thanks to Pat a Cake books we got sent a bundle so we got read to Blake, plant a spring flower and bake some yummy Easter cupcakes topped with mini eggs. Although they don't look that exciting they were delicious. 

On good Friday Blake and I visited my sister and her boyfriend over in Northampton. They have been living in their place 9 months now its only been the first time we had got around to visiting. They have such a lovely house and Blake once he had calmed down from being in a different environment enjoyed himself. 

Last of all on Easter Sunday we spent lunch time around Stuart's family for a lovely Easter Sunday dinner. Followed by popping into the care home where Stuart's Dad lives. Blake loved having cuddles with Grandad and running around outside being cheeky. 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Dealing With The Terrible Two's

Looking at the cute and cheeky little face of Blake you wouldn't believe how bad Blake's tantrums have been recently. Since he was about 18 months Blake has had the start of the "Terrible Two's" and since then they have gradually got much worse. 

In front of others Blake is the dream child he has no tantrums, very rarely cries or hits. In fact he is rather shy and very clingy towards me when we go to groups and takes awhile for him to join in. 

At home is a different kettle of fish he is stroppy, demanding and from time to time I describe him when talking to Stuart as a little brat. He will start throwing objects, once he is told not to, we get the hitting his head on the wall followed by the laying on the floor kicking and screaming. When he is asked not to do something or wants something and we don't understand him we will get the smacking, headbutting, crying, screaming. 

He's starting testing his boundaries too, just the other day I was asking him not to eat with his feet up on the table which resulted in the smacking me around the face and finding it hilarious. We are starting to have to give him consequences to his actions and I think we are going to have to start using the thinking corner. 

On the flip side he is loving be praised for doing something good such as putting himself down for a nap, listening to us for example I asked him to shut the bathroom door the other day and he did it so we clapped and told him well done for listening. 

Other behavior we are dealing with at the moment is the refusal to nap and to stay in bed at night. We have had to pick him up and put him back into bed so many times kicking and screaming however we are lucky that this hasn't happened every night.  He does know he needs to stay in bed he just doesn't want to. 

He will also throw strops when it comes to not having the same foods every day and trying to get him to try something different. This then results in being woken at silly o clock as he is hungry.The joys of a fussy eater!

Blake is behind in his speech and so its tough when it comes to also understanding him as he gets so frustrated at not being able to communicate what he wants.