Friday, 2 December 2016

Choosing the right buggy for you

Choosing a buggy can be a daunting task for new to be parent's. You want to make sure that it's suitable for your new arrival but also want something that is also looks good. So with there being so many different buggys, travel systems, pushchairs on the market I wanted to share with you some things you need to think of before parting with your hard earned cash. 

Your Baby/Toddlers needs
Your child's needs will differ from age to age for a new born you will need one that will fully lie flat or alternatively you could use a carry cot that attaches. When your baby outgrows you may want them to face you so buying a unit that has a reversible seat means that you  can have them facing you or away from you so that they can see the world around them. 
You may also need to consider if you need a Tandem buggy if you have another child that is close in age and will still need to be using a buggy. 

Your budget
This one is a biggy Online4baby has a range of buggys and other must have items for a range of budgets. A complete travel system can be a great investment as you wont need to purchase a separate car seat for your child's first year.  But one of the questions you have to really ask yourself when choosing a buggy is can you actually afford the one you have your eye on. 

Your lifestyle
When choosing a buggy you also need to take your lifestyle into consideration. Here are some examples you need to think about: 

- If you travel by car a lot a travel system would be a must but you need to make sure you have a buggy that will fit in the boot of your car and also one where the car seat is compatible. 

- If like me you go on the bus regularly you will need one that is lightweight and folds away easily. 

- If you do a lot of walking you will need something that can handle rough pathways and uneven surfaces. 

-Think about the size of your home and where you will be able to store you pushchair. If space is limited you will need something that folds away small and compact. 

- Another thing to consider is if you live in a flat how you will be getting it up stairs if you don't live on the ground floor. If like me you need to carry it up the stairs than you will need a light weight one. 

*This post is in collaboration with Oneline4baby

Christmas Giveaway: £50 voucher

Today we have an amazing prize thanks to Diwah Jewelry one lucky person has a chance of winning a £50 voucher to spend online. 

You can pick out one of their gorgeous already made pieces or you can design your own piece (like I have). This can be done via their online platform or you can fill in their design form so that their team of artisans can create a bespoke piece for you. Having done this myself the service is pretty easy to do and you get a piece of jewelry you will love. 

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas Giveaway: Asterix the masions of the gods on DVD

Today I am collaborating with the lovely people over at Kaleidoscope home entertainment to give you the chance to win a copy of Asterix the masions of the gods on DVD. There will be 2 winners. 

Featuring an all star voice cast that includes: Jack Whitehall, Nick Frost, Greg Davis, Matt Berry, Catherine Tate, Harry Enfield, Dick and Dom and Jim Broadbent. 

The year is 50bc. Gual is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely...

A village inhabited by diehard Gauls continues to resist invasion.

Julius Caesar, exasperated by the situation, decides on a change of tactic: since his armies cannot overthrow them by force, the Roman civilisation itself will have to conquer the Gallic barbarians. The plan is to build a luxury residential complex for rich Romans right next to the village, to be called "The Mansions of the Gods".

Will our Gallic heroes be able to resist the lure of money and Roman comfort?

Will their village be reduced to a tourist attraction?

Asterix and Obelix will do everything they can to foil Caesar's plans.

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- You must be a UK resident and over 16

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

It's time to take control with Buscopan

Irritable bowel syndrome aka IBS is more common than a lot of people think and affects one in five of us. For those that may not know what IBS is it's pain caused by muscle spasms in the bowel and symptoms can vary from person to person. The most common symptoms include abdominal pain and discomfort, diarrhea and constipation and bloating of the abdomen. 

The people at Buscopan have revealed that IBS is on the rise and 81% of GPs saying they have seen an increase over the past 10 years. There seems to be a lot of confusion about the condition though: 

- 1 in 3 don't know what causes IBS for flare up
- 1 in 6 people with IBS haven't told anyone
-1 in 10 Brits haven't heard of IBS.

I have been sent a little hamper to help me to relax this is because stress is a trigger for IBS and I find I get stressed a lot so this tends to be one of the triggers for me. The hamper I was sent contains a vogue coloring book and my own personalised coloring pencils, a keep smiling tote bag and a the white company candle. 

It's time to start taking back control by: 

- Knowing your food triggers
For me my food trigger is takeaways so I don't have them that often. Some foods can make the condition worse so its important to work out what yours are so you can give them a miss for awhile. 

- Talking
Stress is a trigger of IBS and I suffer from stress quite regularly. Its best to talk to someone about IBS and also about stress as this can help you to deal with stress and improve the condition. 

- Have something to hand
At the first sign of a flare up take an over the counter remedy such as Buscopan to help with symptoms of pain and discomfort.

Buscopan IBS Relief works differently to painkillers as it has an antispasmodic action that specifically targets the root cause of abdominal pain to quickly help the muscle of the bowel return to normal. It starts to work within 15 minutes, acting directly on the muscle spasm in the bowel to quickly and effectively relieve the painful cramps and discomfort of IBS. Buscopan IBS Relief is gentle on the stomach and can be used at the first sign of flare-up as needed. Buscopan IBS Relief is priced at £4.99 for 20 tablets and £8.34 for 40 tablets. Buscopan IBS Relief contains hyoscine butylbromide. For medically confirmed IBS. Always read the label.

Importance of good quality office furnature

If you work in an office whether that is from home or otherwise its important to make sure that you are comfortable. Especially if like most office jobs you are sat down all day. 

The two most important items in an office for workers is their desk and most importantly their chair. It's important to have a good quality chair to prevent aches and pains and to also make sure you have breaks away from your desk to help with this. 

When it comes to how your office is when it comes to organisation is very important.
If you have a cluttered and messy office this can be a risk factor for stress. So it's important to have a good filing system for paperwork and so a filing cabinet from is a good idea. They have a great selection of cabinets so you will find one that is suitable for your office and your needs. 

As the office chair happens to be the most important item in the office here is a run down on the must haves for a comfortable office chair:

- Make sure you have a well padded, adjustable seat with a round front 
-Make sure the seat has a comfortable backrest that provides firm support for the middle and lower back. 
- A swivel function 
- A tilt feature
- Easy to use adjustment controls. 

As for your desk it needs to be glare free and have enough space for you be able to look at documents and use equipment needed. 

You can read this handy ebook here  for more  fantastic insights from hundreds of seasoned office workers and facts you didn’t know you needed to know about your working environment. 

*In collaboration with Furniture At Work