Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Digital Download film favorites this summer

Summer is the perfect time to relax, many people go away this time of year and if you just want to relax and have some entertainment when your travelling or by the pool than why not consider digital downloads. This way you have got your favorite films at your finger tips. 

If you love sun bathing whether on the beach or by the pool but aren't into reading why not soak up some rays and enjoy some of these fab film favorites: 

-Heart of the Sea
- 33
- Pan
- Intern 
- Lego Movie

You can also have movies such as Lego movie to keep your children entertained as who wants to hear "I'm bored" when your relaxing or getting stuck into a good book. Digital downloads are also great for when your relaxing once your little one is down for a nap or they are tucked up fast asleep for the night so your unable to go out. 

Monday, 25 July 2016

What do you think of underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating seems to be getting more popular these days and underfloor heating trade supplies are wanting to know your thoughts on underfloor heating. It would be great if you could fill in this short survey.

We don't have underfloor heating in our flat but it is something we probably would consider if we owned our own home. Other than not owning our own property the only thing that would be stopping us from doing so would be the cost initially and for insulation. 

Do you have underfloor heating? If not would this be something you would consider? 

Things to do outside this summer

Getting the children outside during the summer can be pretty tricky especially when if comes to social media and using gadgets such as smart phones and Ipads. 

However it is so important for children to get outside first of all it's the best way of getting vitamin D which is provided by the sun which helps promote better moods, energy levels, memory and overall health. Some other great benefits include building up their immune system and it provides children exercise. 

The Camping and Caravanning Club are campaigning to get children out and about this summer instead of cooped up indoors. They have conducted some research and here are some of their findings

- 44% of adults worry their children aren't as happy as they were as a child

- 96% of adults believe that they were happier as a child because they spent more time outdoors

- 72% think social media is affecting children's ability to interact and engage with others

- 86% think encouraging kids to spend more times outdoors would help the obesity 'epidemic'

With these findings I have decided to compile a list of some fun activities that you can do with your children outside this summer: 

- Camping
- Go to some local parks
- Go to the beach
- Visit the Farm/Zoo
- Play the in garden 
- Get the paddling pool out
- Do a Nature trail
- Go for a walk in the woods
- Have a BBQ/Picnic
- Feed the ducks
- Go for a bike ride
- Visit a water park 
- Go to an outdoors natural trust site
- Enjoy messy play (its easy to clean up outdoors) 
- Hold a scavenger hunt
- Make Nature rubbings
- Go on a bear hunt
- Paint with water
- Play games such as tag
- Construct a water wall 
- Go crabbing
- Use chalk outside on the pavements
- Water fights
- Look for bugs
- Set out camp in your garden
- Play ball games
- Mud Pies
- Star/cloud gazing 
- Visit a lavender field
-Go strawberry picking 
- Go foraging 
- Get out and find new places to visit. 

I hope you have found this list useful. Do you have any more fun ideas of what you can do outdoors this summer? 

Friday, 22 July 2016

Breakfast Fun with Hipp Organic

Blake is extremely fussy when it comes to meals so when we got the chance to try out some of the HiPP Organic cereal range, to add some fun to breakfast time. I was hoping that Blake would at least give them a try. HiPP Organic have introduced a NEW range of flavoursome and fruity toddler breakfast cereals with no added sugar, suitable for tots aged 15 months+.

Blake was sent the two new delicious combinations HiPP Organic Fruity O's and HiPP Organic Fruity Muesli with crispy ducks. The HiPP Organic cereals are designed to offer parents variety when it comes to cereal and great alternative to cereals with a higher sugar content. HiPP Organic’s delicious cereals are made with the finest organic ingredients, providing toddlers with a healthy nutritious breakfast to start the day.

We chose to start Blake out on the HIPP Organic Fruity O's since he loves cheerios and they look a little similar just smaller. The first time we tried him on them he didn't want to know but we tried again and he ate all ones apart from the red ones which he pushed to the side. 

We then tried him out on the HiPP Organic fruity muesli which is packed with real dried fruit pieces, fun crispy cereal shapes and wholemeal flakes. It's a great cereal for helping parents to encourage new flavors and textures. Unfortunately with Blake being fussy every attempt has resulted with the cereal ending up on the floor. I can only assume he wasn't keen on these as he did have one tiny mouthful. 

Overall I feel that the new range are great for toddlers to give them more of a variety at breakfast time. We really like that the cereals are made with the finest organic ingredients with no added sugar. We also love that they have a good range of flavors and textures for toddlers to enjoy. 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Things to do in summer

As the sun has finally arrived and the summer holidays are fast approaching you may need some ideas of what to get up to. The local classes we usually go to have stopped for 6/7 weeks so we will be finding other fun things to do. Some ideas are also great for when the weather isn't so great. 

Here is a list to help you out when your a bit stuck with what to do: 

- Go to some local parks
- Go for a walk
- Go to the beach 
- Make some crafts
- Go swimming
- Visit the Zoo 
- Play in the garden (if your lucky enough to have one)
- Read books
- Play in the paddling pool
- Bake a cake
- Spend the day watching films
- Do a nature trail 
- Go for a walk in the woods 
- Go for a walk around a lake
- Go strawberry picking
- Make a den 
- Visit a farm 
- Have a BBQ
- Visit the library 
- Have a picnic
- Visit a museum 
- Go camping
- Feed the ducks
- Go to an aquarium 
- Go to the fair
- Go to the cinema
- Go to a local soft play center 
- Feed the ducks
- Go bowling
- Go for a bike ride
- Visit a water park
- Go to a National Trust site
-Blow bubbles
- Messy Play

I hope this post has been helpful to you and have given you some ideas for the summer holidays. I'm going to try and do as many of these as possible to make most of the summer.