Monday, 25 March 2019

Making Delicious Greek Style Yoghurt with EasiYo

Yoghurt is definitely one of our favourite snacks in our household. Blake goes through a lot of yoghurt, as he has 2 kid size pots a day. I'm also a fan of yoghurt especially as it's a healthy snack/dessert option especially if had with your favourite fruit. 

I've always been interested in the idea of making our own yoghurt, but was put off the idea as I thought would be a complicated process. However when were invited to give the EasiYo yoghurt maker a go we were keen to give it a try.

Making yoghurt with EasiYo isn't that hard and is a great activity to do with children. In fact its only a 3 step process for making fresh and delicious tasting yoghurt at home. All you need to make the yoghurt is their yoghurt maker, yoghurt jar and a sachet of  one of their delicious yoghurt mixes. The mixes come in a variety of flavours such as; strawberry, banana, and vanilla. Plus more exciting flavours such as Passionfruit,Rhubarb and Mango and Coconut bits . They even sell some delicious Greek Style mixes which are right up my street.

We recieved the starter kit which had the yoghurt maker, a yoghurt jar and x2 flavour mixes  (strawberry and Greek style) we were also sent 2 flavoured Greek style yoghurt mixes in Raspberry and Peach. EasiYo also sell extra jars including ones that are smaller and ideal for packing in lunchboxes.

As I mentioned above its such a simple 3 step process :

1. Half fill the yoghurt jar with tepid (room temperature ) water. Add the contents of the yoghurt mix, pop on the lid and give it a good shake. Then fill the jar up with more water leaving around 5mm from the top and shake again.

2. Place the plastic space all the way down in the yoghurt maker (making sure it’s the right way up) to the bottom and fill with boiling water to the top of the spacer.

3. Put your jar of yoghurt mix into the yogurt maker so that it sits on top of the spacer. The boiling water will rise part-way up the sides of the jar – don’t worry. Put the yogurt maker lid on and leave it for 8 to 12 hours (or overnight) to set.

Once done all you will need to do is store in your fridge and the yoghurt will last for around 2 weeks of course you may have already eaten it all by then! 

The most important thing is the taste test! We are pleased to say its absolutely delicious. In fact Blake was eating mine and requesting more after so it's a big hit with our fussy eater.

The yoghurt maker makes 1kg of fresh yoghurt and we will definitely be buying more of the mixes once we run out.  I love that its so easy to set up and make the yoghurt and its easy to clean as well.  As you can see above I chose to add fresh raspberries to the top of my Greek Style yoghurt. You can also do so much with the yoghurt and EasiYo have a handy recipe page to give you some fun ideas for what you can make such as dips, smoothies, overnight oats and more!

*We were given an EasyYo yoghurt maker in exchange for a review, however all thoughts an opinions expressed are our own.


Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Our family friendly bathroom

The bathroom in our new home, doesn't need much doing to it as the previous owners hadn't that long ago renovated it. Although smaller, than the one in the flat we were renting its still a good size family bathroom. Colourwise I really like the tiles the previous owners had chosen as I wasn't to keen on the white ones in the flat due to mould being easy to see. 

The bathroom to me is an important  place in the home as its a place for me to go after a busy and long day/week and relax. One of my favourite parts of our bathroom has to be the LED lights across the beams.  It brings a relaxing ambience to the bathroom, for when I have my bath. Blake also loves this as he is very sensory and enjoys looking at the lights whilst having his bath.

Another part of the bathroom I like is the step into the bath, this makes it alot easier to climb in and out especially for Blake. The main thing I want to replace in the bathroom is the shower screen. We currently have a 4 panel one, which I'll definitely opt for again. However our current one is hard to clean so a new one would be great maybe a silver one instead of white. 

Accessories can really change a room and once we moved in and got all unpacked it was lovely to see all our bits in there.  I did however want to get a few new bits which I thought would go with the room a bit better. We were extremely lucky to collaborate with Victoria Plum to choose some accessories.

First of all is this sleek and modern looking Clarity white mirror cabinet. I've been nagging Stuart to put it up so we can start using it to store medication out of reach of Blake. The cabinet is a great way to add practically to a bathroom especially if you need extra storage like us. The cabinet is made from water resistant enginered wood with a durable high gloss finish.  
New towels are a must, I love  nothing better than wrapping myself in a super fluffy towel when I get out of the bath or shower. The supreme latte towel bale is made from 100% Egyptian cotton for a quality you can feel. The super soft and fluffy bale which consists of 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels and 2 bath sheets is ideal starter for your new collection. The latte colourway is a perfect fit for our bathroom and they bring a luxury feel to the room. 

I love this Hug rug looking good bathroom mat which brings a bit of fun to our bathroom.  It's super soft and luxurious and dries up 60% faster than cotton mats due to featuring polyamide pile. It's also super absorbent holding up to three and half times it's own weight in water. Not only that it also provides antibacterial protection for up to 12 washes. Available also in a darker shade of grey the mat has non slip rubber backing and taped cotton edging so that it won't shed.

*We were gifted items from Victoria Plum for the purpose of this post. All thoughts are my own.


Monday, 18 March 2019

JML Aqua Jet Duo Mop

Moving to a house where only the stairs and hallway are carpeted has meant I'm having to keep on top of cleaning our floors regularly. when you have a child you find yourself having to mop up spills etc more often. With this said it means we need a good mop to make sure our floors are clean. The JML Aqua Jet Duo Mop is the prefect multipurpose mop as its great for both wet and dry cleaning, due to its double sided micofibre mop head. 

In an attractive light purple and grey design the Aqua Jet Duo has a built in spray bottle which holds up to 700ml of clean water so you can spray as you mop. Personally I prefer to add equal parts of floor cleaner and water so that I know my floors are clean and disinfected. This also means that I get a lovely fragrance in the room.  I'm not a fan of bulky and heavy mops especially the idea of having to drag them up stairs. The Aqua Jet Duo is light weight and because of the built in spray bottle it means I've got the right amount of clean water right where I need it in front of the mop head. 

The double sided microfiber mop head are great at cleaning in different ways. 

The Terry weave microfibre is a dense, super-absorbent material that can absorb and hold up to SEVEN TIMES its weight in water, so it’s perfect for even the heaviest mopping tasks on hard floors like tiles, laminates, wood and even stone floors. 

Chenille weave microfibre, with its longer thicker fibres, creates a static charge, attracting dust as it moves across floors, shelves, door frames and windowsills, trapping not only the visible dust but also the invisible bacteria and even allergens.

Pros and cons in regards to the mop:

- Lightweight
- double sided
- built in spray bottle 
- sprays clean water in front of the mop
- spray trigger intergrated into the handle
- mop head can be taken off to pop in the wash

- Handle is one size. I like mops where you can change the height of the handle
- Hard to tell which side is used for dusting and which is for the moping


It's a handy mop for cleaning around the home. The built in spray bottle with the intergrated trigger on the handle is a great idea and works well. The dusting side isn't amazing but does the job.