Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Fisherprice: My first Thomas all around sodor

If you are regular reader you may know that Blake who is 20 months is obsessed with trains.
We have quite a few train books and a train set that he loves and now we have added a new toy to his collection the My first Thomas all around Sodor.

The Thomas set is a good size and the track is very easy to put together.The set even comes with a motorised Thomas train and cargo set. It comes with instructions but i found it simple to put it together by looking at the box as to where each piece of the track goes.  Blake was very excited when he saw the set and was very eager to play with it so I let him play with Thomas whilst I put the track together. 

There are 7 pieces of track which clip  together which are in different colors. Blake has a train set which he already loves but this is different in the sense of you press the color- coordinated buttons and Thomas automatically knows where to go. Thomas is brought to life with his eyes and mouth magically moving. By pressing the yellow button to head to Tidmouth Sheds Thomas can interact with Percy, James, Gordon, and Sir Topham Hatt. By pressing the green button Thomas will chuff over to chat with Cranky the Crane at Brendam Docks, and manually load and unload the cargo.

The set is great for little people the only fault I can think of is that I found that it sometimes derails when going round the shake shake bridge. Other than that Blake loves it and will happily sit there watching Thomas going round the track and getting us to push the buttons on Thomas to take him to the the different areas of the track. 

The Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends, all around sodor set retails at £39.99.
It is a great fun toy for little Thomas fans. 

*I was sent the Thomas and Friends all around sodor for this review although all opinions are of my own. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Jungle Book: 2016 Movie

I've loved Disney films since I was a little girl and Jungle Book has definitely been within my top 10 Disney films. When I heard that The Jungle Book movie was coming out this year I knew that I wanted to see it. On Monday 22nd August it was released on DVD and Blueray and knew as soon as I had some free time I would be watching it!

In this new Jungle Book film they still have a few of the classic songs such as "The Bare Necessities," and "I Wanna Be Like You" but not as jazzy. The movie is very visually stunning and casts some famous names you may have heard of such as Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray and Christopher Walken to name a few. 

The story is the same as the original: 
 Mowgli is found as a baby/toddler by a black panther called Bagheera. Bagheera takes the baby Mowgli to an Indian wolf pack he knows of and it is pack Rama and his mate Raksha that care for Mowgli.The film of course covers the death threats to Mowgli from the Bengal Tiger, Shere Khan. It's decided Bagheera should take Mowgli to the "Man Village" as it would be more safer for him.  On the journey of course Mowgli meets Kaa and King Louie too.

Overall I loved the film but I definitely prefer the  older version which will always stay a firm favorite. 

Have you watched the new 2016 The Junge Book? What did you think? If not than I'd love to know if its a film you plan on watching.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Short term loans with Vivus

I'd like to think I'm careful with my money. I've never had a loan before or a credit card but sometimes things can crop up that aren't planned for and a short term loan that I could pay back in one go, once I’ve been paid would be ideal. When it comes to my money I like to be in control about where it goes and what it is spent on. I feel the same when it comes to the idea of taking out a loan. I'm definitely a person who would only take out a loan that I knew I could pay back in one go as I hate the idea of getting into debt. I know this isn't something that everyone can do but if you are able to than definitely a short term loan could be for you. 

I'm sure you all will have had something crop up such as a high value item needing to be replaced and panicking about how you would afford such an item. We have had a few times in the past when a high value item such as the TV needs to be replaced but we've not had the money right then and there to sort it. Our biggest was when our washing machine broke down and as it wasn't the landlords responsibility we had to go without until we was able to sort something ourselves. So this type of loan from Vivus would be ideal especially as the first loan you take out with them is half price. When it comes to taking out a loan I'd want the process to be quick and easy for me since I am a busy mum and don't have time to be on the phone on hold for ages. So applying online from the comfort of my own home is a great way to do this. No hidden fees is also a biggy for me as I don't want to be paying out more than I was expecting to.

I like that with Vivus if a customer misses an agreed payment date that they are given 5 days to make the payment before any late payment charges and any interest that would be added on a daily basis are made. This for me is great as it would encourage me to make sure payments are made on time, after all no one wants to have to pay out more than necessary. Of course there are times when you may get paid later than you should have been which is one of the reasons I think that being given 5 days to make payment before late charges and interest are added is a great idea. 

Short term loans can often get bad press and negative stigma around them. But with Vivus they don't want their customers to get into debt but to be able to help them out of short term difficulty. This means that they are flexible and understanding of their customers and provide customers with only what they need placing control into their hands. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour

I had been thinking of visiting the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour  for awhile now as
I thought it would be a great day out and I loved the idea of seeing behind the scenes from the films. I was thinking of it being something for us to do next year but the studio got in touch asking if I would like tickets for me and Stuart. So it meant we could go sooner!

Getting to the studio by public transport is pretty easy we got a train to Watford Junction and then got a shuttle bus which takes you directly to the studio and return ticket on the bus is £2.50 per person. 

We had a time slot of 10am so we had to get up pretty early as my Mum was looking after Blake for the day.  When we arrived the place was packed! It's definitely advisable to arrive within good time due to this. Make sure to have your cameras at the ready, as the experience begins even before you enter the Great Hall!

There is a guided tour of the Great Hall which you see within your time slot but after you are free to guide yourself around the rest of the tour. There is so much to see and I'd definitely at some point would love to go again.

I loved that they had little boards up that explained more about the props, sets and characters. We wondered in taking in as much as we could and they have special events throughout the year. we visited during 'Finding The Philosopher's Stone' event. A number of the early versions of the Philosopher’s Stone was on display and we also got to see how they made Unicorn blood and there was a chance to play with Fluffys drool and troll bogies. 

We chose not to do the wand training or broomstick flying as they were far too expensive at £14 for one photo or £40 for two photos and a video. 

One of the places I had been looking forward to was the Hogwarts Express and platform 9 3/4. The area offers a glimpse into how some of the films’ most iconic scenes were created as well as giving you the chance to climb aboard the train’s carriage and to pose with a luggage trolley as it disappears through the platform wall. Although again you had to pay to have photos done. There is also the chance for you to browse a wide range of goodies inspired by the Harry Potter films and, specifically,  Hogwarts Express in a train-themed souvenir shop which was open on the platform.

After visiting the Hogwarts Express there is the Backlot cafe where we decided to get some food. Unfortunately it is rather pricey we got two roles, a capri-sun and tankard of Butterbeer which in total cost just under £15. They were tasty but definitely overpriced and we would have brought our own food if we had known this. 

We got one tankard of frothy Butterbeer to share which is an non-alcoholic beverage which is reminiscent of shortbread and butterscotch. We chose to get the Butterbeer in the souvenir tankard as we didn't plan on getting anything from the souvenir shops. I enjoyed the taste of the foam on top but not too sure how I felt about the taste of the drink itself as it was quite odd.

If we were to go again I'd definitely like to try out the Butterbeer ice-cream which is available to  enjoy in a waffle cone for £4.95 or in a souvenir sundae dish for £6.95.

After having a bite to eat we headed out to continue the tour which is outside the backlot and includes number 4 Privet Drive which is open until 5th September. We got to also experience more magic with walking along Diagon Alley and seeing the scale model of Hogwarts. 

Overall Stuart and I really enjoyed ourselves and had an incredible day. We were there for about approximately 3 hours or maybe longer. We probably would have stayed longer if we had been more prepared food wise, I'd definitely go again in the future.

*We were given tickets for the Harry Potter Studio Tour in return for this review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are of my own.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Tommee Tippee Mini Moments

Today is the start of the Asda baby and toddler event and they are giving away a free pack of Mini Moments cards for every manual breast pump or newborn starter set sold. I also have 5 sets to giveaway to my lucky readers. 

Tommee Tippee Mini Moments cards have been designed with a twist on traditional baby milestone cards. They are an ideal way to capture the highs and lows of parenting.

Mini Moments include 20 beautifully illustrated cards to capture those momentous occasions and 20 real-life cards to capture the often humorous lows of parenting.Simply place the cards next to baby, take a photo and share instant memories with friends and family. Mini Moments make a great gift for any new parent! 

Now I have the chance for one of my readers to win one of five packs of Mini moments cards.

- Enter via the rafflecopter below
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- The more entries you complete the better the chance of winning

- This competition will close on 29th August 2016 at 12.00am GMT 
- The winner will be chosen at random and notified via email, twitter or facebook
- Open to UK residents ONLY
- You must be a UK resident and over 16

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