10 tips for Charity Shopping Like A Pro


I've heard people say that they never find anything good in charity shops and that its mainly old ladies clothing . This of course isn't at all true. Yes you are going to most likely see clothing that are for the older generation but you can find some great gems and often if lucky clothing that still has the tags on. Let's be honest alot of us have clothing in our wardrobe that we don't wear or regret buying and its these clothing items and accessories that end up in charity shops.  

So how do I make the most out of our local charity shops? Well read below some of my tips on how to charity shop like a pro.

Have a list 
Having an idea on what you are looking for whether it's a denim jacket or an occasion dress can help you save money,rather than just jumping in and buying whatever looks nice. In the past I've purchased items and regretted them as I didn't have other items in my wardrobe that they would go with. It's also handy if you are in a rush and can just scan the rails.

Pick your time
Weekdays tend to be the best time. 

Pick your location
If you are able to travel a bit outside of your local area it's a great way broaden your search.  More affluent areas mean you may find designer items and more higher end high street pieces, however the downside is prices tend to be higher. For example a primark dress could be priced up for more than it would be in store. I think it's worth visiting charity shops in a mixture of affluent and less affluent areas.

Visit regularly 
You most likely wont strike gold on every occasion. Popping in regularly for example once  a week means you are likely to find items from your list. This is due to charity shops getting new stock out everyday.

Be prepared to rummage
Most charity shops have clothing organised into sizing and/or colour. However not everyone puts items back in the right places. It's a good idea to take your time and have a good rummage.

Try on items and examine them carefully
The last thing you want is to buy a top for example to find out when you get home it doesn't fit or worse has a broken zip, is stained, wripped or smelly. 

Have an idea of repair and alteration costs
If a zip is broken I tend to leave the item as I dont have the time to sort it and also it could be an expensive job. If an item just needs a bit of sewing or can be upcycled into something better than if I love it and it fits than I'll most likely purchase the item.

Check labels
If you've not heard of a brand than Google them. I tend to do this to get an idea how much an item would cost new. Also check lables incase they are dry clean only or hand wash only. 

Try online charity shops
I only recently was aware that charity shops these days tend to also have an online shop. This is handy as you can shop from the comfort of your own home and it's great for those of you that cant get out.

Give Back
It's important to give back to charity as they rely on donations to survive. So when you next have a wardrobe clear out think of donating any unwanted items. 


Building a capsual wardrobe & why you need one


It's now the 12th day of being involved in #SecondHandSeptember and so far I've picked up a few bargains in charity shops and on Ebay. I'm also joining in with ThriftyMum.com prompts each day which I'm sharing mainly on Facebook and Instagram with a few posts here on my blog.

Today's prompt is about capsule wardrobes and so I wanted to write a post about starting one as I definitely need to add some more basics into my wardrobe.

First of all what is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a limited collection of clothing and accessories that coordinate well and can be worn in multiple different ways. This means you can also dress them up or down to fit the occasion.

I've read quite a few articles on capsule wardrobes and some items vary but there are some that are on every list such as Jeans and a little black dress. I've decided to share items that I've got and some bits I'm going to purchase at some point. Not everything will be on everyone's list but I'm hoping if you are stuck I can give you some ideas.

1. Basic t-shirt
Alot of the lists say a plain white t-shirt. I think as well as white its essential for me to have ones in black, grey and navy as well. As they are great basic colours to have in my wardrobe.

2. Leggings
I live in leggings so having a good few pairs are definitely essential to me.

3. Jeans 
I've not worn jeans in years as I've not found ones that I am perfectly comfortable in but I'm definitely going to be searching for them.

4. Neutral shade cardigans and jumpers 
I have ones in black, white and navy for cardigans and for jumpers I also have a grey one.

5. Little black dress
Always handy to have to dress up for nights out or down for during the day.

6. Black skirt
Just like the little black dress a black skirt is great edition to your wardrobe to dress up or down. I own a skater style one which I prefer however a pencil skirt is also one to think about adding.

7. Denim Jacket
I don't currently own one but it's on my list to find.

8. Leather jacket
Again I don't currently own one but is worth getting.

9.  Winter coat/Rain coat
I own both and have opted for navy winter coat and a black rain coat.

10. Trainers
A comfy pair of trainers in a neutral colour is a must I love my converse.

11. Black pumps

12. Neutral coloured boots

13. Black heels
Go with anything and are suitable for most occasions 

14. A tote bag.

15. Cross the body bag.

There you go that's my list. Is there anything in your capsule wardrobe that's different to mine? 

Blog Book Tour: Live A Little By Madeleine Reiss


[Ad – review. I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own]

Today I am delighted to be involved in the book tour for Live A Little By Madeleine Reiss.  Madeleine Reiss was born in Athens. She worked for some years in an agency for street performers and comedians and then as a journalist and publicist. She has two sons and lives in Cambridge with her husband and younger son.


Lottie has always followed the rules, her life is comfortable and she is - finally, finally - marrying her long-term, reliable, boyfriend Dean.

Tina is carefree, wild and, maybe, just a little bit careless. She doesn't understand Lottie's obsession with settling down with 'dull Dean', there's so much to explore in the world.

The two sisters have drifted apart, living in different countries until the death of their older sister, Mia. Mia was the glue that held them together, made them a family and without her Lottie and Tina realise how little they know each other.

Desperate to remedy this, Tina convinces Lottie to cancel her hen do, fly halfway around the world and set out on a road trip across the US, just the two of them.

But Tina has one more thing up her sleeve to shake up Lottie's life - she must say yes to everything Tina suggests, no matter what.

Live A little isn't Madeleine Reiss first book however it's her first book by her that I have read.

On the surface the book seems to be about two sisters who go on a road trip to try and reconnect and find themselves. However it's more than that. It features the complexity of a sibling relationship between sisters who are completely different from each other. You have sensible and cautious Lottie, then you have Tina who is a wild, party animal. 
There is an older sister Mia who's death is what brings both Lottie and Tina together after realising how little they know about each other.

Having a sister myself I loved this heartwarming and funny at moments read. It shares the reality of what it's like to have a sister including how infuriating they can be as well as the love and laughter you have together. The story has such an intense and moving plot that's beautifully written. I definitely want to read more from Madeleine Reiss.