Christmas Gift Guide For Him


* I was sent the items featured in this gift guide in return for inclusion. Some links are also affiliate links

Men can always be a struggle to buy for. Whenever asked for ideas I always get told "I don't know" or "I don't want anything."  So that's why I like to do my gift guide for him each year so I can hopefully help you out if you are in the same position as me.  

Fabulous Christmas Hamper| RRP: £79.99 Current price £54.99.

Christmas hampers are popular for either gender.  I wanted to include this one as an idea for the man in your life who's a foodie.
The fabulous hamper from Prestige Hampers is packed with goodies he can share with the whole family. From sweet treats to savoury  goodies there is something for everyone.

The hamper includes:
- Founders Stone Merlot 187ml
- Founders Stone White Zinfandel 187ml
- Founders Stone Pinot Grigio 187ml
- Yorkshire Crisps Natural Sea Salt 100g
- Black Olive Savoury Farmhouse Biscuits 100g
- Matthew Walker Luxury Gold Christmas Pudding 100g
- Yellow Clock English Afternoon Tea 10s
- Ooh! Chocolate Honey Blond Chocolate Bar 50g
- Belgian Marc De Champagne Fancy Truffles 200g
- Caramel Belgian Chocolate Thins 80g
- Mackay's Christmas preserve with Mulled Wine 113g
- Mackay's Christmas Marmalade with Cranberries 113g

This is all in a beautfully Handmade Wicker Basket.

Nextbase is the UK’s leading dash cam manufacturer, offering a range of affordable and easy to use dash cams with HD quality video recording.  The Nextbase 222 dashcam records in 1080p instead of 720p, and has a six layer lens. The viewing angle is 140 degrees as well as having a 2.5" HD IPS touch screen that allows customers to have crystal clear footage and viewing capability. 

It also comes with the Nextbase Click&Go Pro mount with integrated neodymium magnet connectors, meaning that the Dash Cam is entirely secure in its mount, and that you can manoeuvre it with just one hand! The 222 also includes a Intelligent Parking Mode, which means that if any movement is felt on the car whilst it is parked or left unattended, the Dash Cam will immediately turn on and begin recording, hopefully catching the cause of the movement. This is very handy for trying to figure out where those mysterious dents and scratches have come from!

Chalkdown sparkling cider | £12.95 a  bottle 

Chalkdown Sparkling Cider, is something a little bit different than your usual fizz. Chalkdown is lovingly crafted in Andover, Hampshire, using only the finest Hampshire apples, applying the Champagne Method, taking just over 24 months to produce each bottle.  Chalkdown can be enjoyed as an aperitif, paired with food, enjoyed as a cocktail or simply enjoyed on its own as an alternative to Champagne or Sparkling Wine. The sparkling cider also comes beautifully boxed.

The Orb | £29.99

The Orb may look like just an ordinary drinks bottle but it's more than that. Ideal for cyclists due to functioning as a water bottle, but having a  lid that contains super bright LEDs, that illuminates the bottle with over 70 lumens of light. 1/3 of accidents are caused by side impact from a vehicle, the Orb can keep you safe and seen from the side at night. My husband used to cycle to and from work so this is definitely a handy item considering the accidents he was involved in. 

Ensuring his razor stands above the rest, this limited edition gift set with stand has a sleek design for an elevated shaving experience. Gillette’s Fusion5 ProGlide razor boasts 5 anti-friction blades for a shave he will barely feel. With FlexBall technology, ProGlide responds to the skins contours and gets virtually every hair whilst the precision trimmer on the back is great for hard to reach areas. The stand is super handy too for keeping it stored and the set comes with 3 blade refills. 

Since we purchased our first house at the beginning of the year Stuart has been getting more into gardening and plants in general. House plants by Lisa Eldred Steinkopf  is a perfect stocking filler. The book  is filled with complete information on the most popular varieties of houseplants along with details on  maintenance,  care and  know-how so you can easily select the best plants for your lifestyle and space

Zippo Rechargeable Hand warmer & Power Bank | £24.95

Does the man in your life enjoy outdoor adventures? If so the Zippo rechargeable hand warmer and power bank  is a must. If he loves being outdoors but hates the cold instead of opting for plastic handwarmers that you need throw away after Zippo have you covered with these slim, sleek HeatBanks, offering dual-sided heat to ensure continuous, gentle warmth. The Zippo HeatBanks also feature a USB charging port combining dependable, finger-thawing warmth with the convenience of device power bank. Available in 3-hour and 6-hour run times, these devices are easily rechargeable to use all throughout winter.

ION8 Collapsible Drinking Straw | £6.99

We are trying to be more eco friendly and so one of the things we have stopped using is plastic straws.  We aren't a fan of the paper ones either and so the stainless steel ION8 Collapsible Drinking Straw is ideal.  Ideal for men as the handy travel case can easily fit in their pocket. The straw is made from food grade stainless steel that is non toxic and BPA free. They fold up really easily to fit into the washable case and can be bent and be manipulated into a comfortable position for drinking. They are easy to clean and the case has a satisfying magnetic closure along with an attachable keyring option.

The perfect gift for sports fans. TalkSPORT is the worlds largest sports radio station, one in ten men in the country listen to the station every week. The new book celebrates 20 years since it's launch. 20 Years of talkSPORT’ gives a behind the scenes peek at the station and its presenters, capturing the funniest stories from the early days through to World Cups overseas tours and the station today.

There’s contributions from talkSPORT favourites over the past twenty years, including the legendary Alan Brazil, Ally McCoist, Jim White, Richard Keys, Andy Gray, Georgie Bingham, Adrian Durham, Darren Gough, Laura Woods, Mark Saggers, Andy Goldstein, Paul Hawksbee, Andy Jacobs and many more. The book reveals some of the funniest calls to the station, presenter spats and the top twenty on air bloopers with ‘Clips of the Week’. 

Blue Coffee Subscription box | From £7.99 a month

If he loves his coffee then the Blue coffee subscription box makes a wonderful gift. Membership costs from only £7.99 per month (or less for 3, 6 or 12-month advanced payment). Each month you will receive a letterbox friendly box containing 3 bags of freshley roasted coffee along with tasting notes and information about the origin and farm where it is produced. 

Hot Elephant Teasmiths Gift Boxes| From £12.50

If tea is more up his street then a gift box from Hot Elephant Teasmiths is a great treat. These boxes contain 3 of their finest loose teas. The larger boxes have 75g bags of tea whilst the smaller ones have 25g bags. You can also add a tea infuser or tea filters to the box at extra costs too. With each box there is the opportunity to personalise the box for free and also add a free gift note for the recipient. 


Book Tour | The House that sat down trilogy


Today I am involved in the book tour for Alice May's The House that sat down trilogy the ominous edition featuring all 3 of her books in one. 

Hello and welcome to a small extract from The House That Sat Down.

This excerpt is taken from ‘Restoration -more tales from the house that sat down’, the second novel in The House That Sat Down Trilogy.

It comes at a time when the family are awaiting the initial arrival of their building team. Having lived in a tortuous form of suspended animation in their garden for six months, they are about to face the prospect of clearing away everything that is left of their beautiful cob cottage before they can move forward with a rebuild. 

Such a stage in any project can be heart-wrenching but, as in many instances in life, saying goodbye to the things which anchor us to the past can clear a way forward to establish a fresh new future.

‘We had been assured that the building team would arrive at 9am on January 2nd, almost six months from the day that the walls had fallen. I remember that I couldn’t quite believe this stage would ever happen.

At that time, the front and side walls of the main damaged section - of what was the oldest part of the cottage - were encased in thick sheets of black plastic and were propped up with a random selection of scaffolding poles, wedges and strong-boys, some inside and some outside. These props were attempting to prevent any further slippage, but I was pretty certain that incremental movement was still merrily underway. Amazingly, the beautiful thatched roof appeared totally unaffected by the almost complete lack of support from two of the walls beneath it.

As I had sat there, waiting for my promised builders, I had found myself wondering exactly what sort of state the house would be in, under all that plastic, having been abandoned for so long through the cold wet months of the autumn and early winter.  The smell emanating from beneath the protective covering was a disturbing one of overpowering damp and rot.
The black sheeting effectively hid the extent of the damage to the casual observer, but beneath all the plastic were two huge cracks, one in each of two main supporting walls, that ran the full height of the building from the ground to the roof. One of the cracks, when I had last set eyes on it before the plastic encased it, was large enough for a fully-grown person to walk straight into the house (followed closely by a friendly dog of unknown origin). Windows hung at odd angles or had fallen out completely, old lathe and plaster internal walls were destroyed, and ceilings had come down. Hidden in the all-encompassing darkness created by the plastic sheeting, over in the far right-hand corner of the ground floor were the remaining treads of that magically morphing staircase I mentioned.
We took huge risks in continuing to use the potentially unstable single storey extension - with its little bathroom right at the back of the house - during the months that followed. In effect, a very real game of Russian roulette was played on a daily basis. The whole ‘home collapse’ scenario had successfully redefined what constituted sensible behaviour for all of us and we quickly became fairly blasé about spending time in what was effectively part of an old ruin, one that might come tumbling down around our ears at any moment. We grew to be quite comfortable living with one eye constantly on the nearest exit, ready to escape in seconds if needed. A habit which, I can assure you, never really leaves you once it is learned!’

I do hope you enjoyed this
Love Alice
The House That Sat Down Trilogy by Alice May is available from Amazon

Accidental Damage – tales from The House That Sat Down
Restoration – more tales from The House That Sat Down
Redemption – moving on from The House That Sat Down


Wooden Personalised Christmas Eve Box


Christmas is my favourite time of year and we have many family Christmas traditions in our house. Every year we love to visit Santa at his grotto, get out the winter/Christmas books and watch Christmas films etc. But my favourite tradition has to be the Christmas Eve Box.

Growing up my sister and I always left out a drink and mince pie for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer. We also were able to open one gift on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas Eve boxes are a great alternative to opening a gift. It's a great way for breaking up the anticipation of the next day by having a selection of small gifts and activities to keep your child/ren occupied. 

NEtrophies sell beautiful personalised wooden Christmas Eve boxes in various sizes, so you can fill them with festive treats such as pjs, hot chocolate, festive crafts and your familys favourite Christmas film. 

The boxes can be engraved with your child/rens name as an extra social touch. The boxes are a wonderful keepsake and are also great for storing Christmas items in once the festivities are over.

NEtrophies have so many wonderful designs for you to choose from. Prices start at £19.99.

* We were sent a Personalised Christmas Eve Box in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are 100% my own.