Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Do You Keep Forgetting? Try these 5 ways to boost your memory!

Have you ever searched for your keys almost everywhere only to later find them right there in your pocket? How about forgetting the last date to pay your bills? Whether or not you have known what having a weak memory can do to your daily life, you probably realize the importance of keeping your memory sharp.

Here are some ways for you to achieve that:
1. Learn a new language: Bilingual adults have better memorization and working memory than those who know just one language. And you do not even have to be fluent at the other language, even a minimal knowledge will help you substantially improve your memory skills.
2. Workout your brain without GPS: Turn off the GPS as you go around the city. It will help your brain focus more and remember things that you otherwise forget. Put away your GPS and exercise your mental navigation skills.

3. Eat foods known to improve memory: The next time you go grocery shopping remember to buy avocados, berries, coconut oil, walnuts, eggs, dark chocolate, and green leafy vegetables.

4. Play bingo: Bingo can help you boost your brain power by improving your concentration and the ability to remember things over a short period of time. If you are in the UK, you can also play online bingo where no deposit is required to boost your memory.

5. Get enough sleep: Eight hours of sleep a night is important for your mental and physical well being. While you are sleeping your brain solidifies your memories and repairs them. Being unable to get enough sleep will lead to problems with judgment, attention, and creativity.

Now that you know all the things you can do to boost your memory, go ahead and try them.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Living Arrows - 25/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” by Kahlil Gibran

The weather really has been lovely recently especially the last few days which makes me look forward to next weeks photos as I plan for this week to spend most of our time outdoors. 

This weeks photos were taken from the weekend as not only was it Fathers Day on the 18th but my birthday on the 17th. On my birthday we met up with my Mum, Nan and sister for a lovely lunch at a local Italian. It was lovely to be able to catch up with my family for a little while before heading home as Blake was getting tired and needed to be out of the sun. Overall I had such a lovely relaxed birthday. 

Fathers Day was another lovely hot day and so we just spent time relaxing. I decided to bring out the tuff tray and fill it with water and rubber ducks for Blake to play in to cool down like a makeshift indoor pool. 

Living Arrows

Friday, 16 June 2017

What to look for when visiting pre-schools

I can hardly believe that the time has come to start looking at pre-schools for Blake. It doesn't seem at all possible that he is two and a half and that he will be potentially looking into starting somewhere in September. 

So far we have looked at one pre-school which we liked as Blake seemed to like it there when we visited and its not much of a walking distance either which is handy. We are also planning to visit another pre-school which is more further out which I've heard good things about. 

It's got me thinking about the things to look out for when visiting and choosing a pre-school for little ones. 

How your child reacts
You will know if the pre-school is right for your child by how they are in the setting when you visit. You may notice that they are happy to go off and play which we found with Blake which is very unusual of him to do. It's so important to look around different settings with your child so you can both get a feel for them. 

Is the pre-school easy for you to get to?  For example we don't drive so need to choose a pre-school that is within a reasonable walking distance. If you do drive you will need to think how long it will take to get there and also consider traffic. 

Does the pre-school have a wide range of good quality toys and offer a variety of activities?
Are there toys/activities that encourage your child to use their imagination and be creative? Do they have age appropriate books? with a comfy reading area? These are a few things to look out for. 

Outdoor space
Does the pre-school have a spacious area for children to explore and be able to have plenty of physical activity? The pre-school we have looked at has a good outdoor area and they can use the playground when it's not in use by the school children. 

Children thrive on routine which makes them feel secure so a routine is important for them to know what happens next during their time at pre-school. It also means that staff have taken great care when it comes to planning their day. 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Blogging it's hard work

I've been blogging now for approx 5 years and over the years I have had experience of people who just don't get it. From "Oh you get free stuff then" to looking at me as if they have no clue what I am talking about. 

I also get asked a lot by people about how to make money from blogging and I find most of the time people want to set up a blog and make money straight away and often don't realise how much time and effort has to go into it. It took me about 6 months of blogging before I started getting review items and and approx a year before I got my first sponsored post. 

It's not a case of just signing up to wordpress or blogspot it takes time. For starters you have to have the right equipment/resources, you need to start writing posts and gaining followers and just writing a post isn't good enough. I spend time taking and editing photos, finding free stock images (such as the one above)  if I need to, writing multiple posts and then scheduling them in advance, as well as getting my posts out there and read by sharing on social media. 

What you may not also realise is that costs too. For starters I pay for the equipment I use, to have my URL, my logo and blog design, and for facebook ads. There are many other costs too which at the moment I don't pay out for but plan on doing so in the future for buisness cards, courses,  E-books, photo editing tools ( I currently use free version of picmonkey which is very limited) social sharing applications and scheduling tools.

Monetising my blog is hard I don't have side board ads like some bloggers do as I found that that kind of thing wasn't working for me. I do sell advertising though in the form of sponsored/guest posts and for social media as well. Making money from my blog also means that I have to do my own invoices which I sometimes do via paypal or I have my own draft one which I edit for individual work that I do. Then I have to wait to be paid some companies pay instantly others have a 30 and even 60 day wait.

Sometimes you have short deadlines too and I have fit my work in around looking after Blake and keeping the household clean ish and organised. The work can be all over the place too as I don't have a fixed income and some weeks/months can be really quiet too. 

It works well for me at the moment though and I love what I do. I've gained some fab opportunities through blogging and I get to also look back some of the memories/ photos I share of Blake as not all of my posts are paid ones. 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Fathers Day with AMARA

You may have seen my recent Father's Day gift guide which included a wide range of products. However sometimes you want to find some items that are a bit more luxurious and this is where AMARA come in. 

Stocking many designer brands including Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, and Tom Dixon to name a few, AMARA is the place to shop for that luxury gift knowing that they cater for a range of budgets. 

I decided to involve Stuart and let him pick out some items to include that not only he likes but he felt other Dad's would like this Father's Day. There is such a wide range of items to choose from in the Father's Day gift section. He found it slightly difficult to choose with there been so much to choose from and eventually settled on five items. 

Stuart enjoys having a glass of beer over the weekends and so he chose this 750ml beer tankard. The tankard is of great quality the glass is thick and the handle is very sturdy. For £20 its a great gift for beer enthusiasts. 

This charming flip alarm clock features an on and off face with a reversible alarm display, perfect for ensuring your mornings start on time. It's made from rubber ABS with an electro luminous dial and a touch sensor. To stop the alarm, simply flip the clock over. The flip alarm clock comes in many colours and retails at £29 

What Dad doesn't need a multi-tool? This leather credit card multi-tool (RRP:£18) is credit card sized and contains 9 different tools for any situation:

- can opener
- knife edge
- screwdriver
- bottle opener
- ruler
- orientation
- butterfly screw wrench
- saw blade 
- and a handy keyring hole to attach it
The chic leather pouch keeps this multi-tool contained.

This stylish Ted Baker notepad helps Dad's to keep organised with it's black faux-leather cover with beautiful brogue detailing, this stunning notebook is perfect on your desk or to be used during meetings. Finished with distinct blue endpapers, with a cogwheel inspired pattern and a single ribbon bookmark this makes a smart gift for Dad's. (£15 for small, £18 for large) 

Last of all is the Ted Baker bike repair kit (£20) My husband cycles to and from work so a repair kit is a must have for his work bag. The kit is contained in a beautiful blue smart tin with a screw top, perfect for keeping contents secure. The kit includes:
- a multi tool
- two metal tyre levers
- one 20ml rubber solution
- 8 rubber patches in three sizes, 
- a metal rasp and chalk. 

Ideal for repairing small breakages or repairing tyres.