Monday, 19 May 2014

Chimichanga Milton Keynes

 Stuart and I love trying out different restaurants we mainly do this on a special occasion such as our birthdays or our anniversary. 
I've never really mentioned it on my blog before because the last year or so we have
been going to the same restaurants and I've decided to start trying new places

My main favourite places to eat have been Italian restaurants but my favourite cuisine has to be Mexican.
I've never actually ate in a proper Mexican restaurant before though, I have however eaten at restaurants that 
do a few Mexican dishes such as Fajitas which are my ultimate favourite. 

So when I was asked if I wanted to visit Chimichanga in Milton Keynes on a Saturday 
me and Stuart were rather excited.

On arrival we were greeted by who think was the manager who took us to our table.
Visually we were very impressed with the decor inside the restaurant and
I wish I had taken a photo of the Mexican sombreros dotted around the place. 
The restaurant is very clean and modern looking which is a plus in my books. 

Once we had ordered our drinks we had a look at the menu to choose our starter and main.
When our drinks arrived I was very impressed that we were given ice glasses as the weather was so hot and we really needed to cool down, as we had a journey to Milton Keynes on a very hot stuffy bus. 


Both me and Stuart chose to go for a vegetarian starter each and as Stuart 
is a fan of anything with a bit of spice he chose the Chilli Focaccia.
which is toasted focaccia bread with chilli flakes drizzled with chilli oil. 
He really enjoyed his starter and it was finished pretty fast. 

NACHOS, £5.50
I am a huge fan of nachos but can honestly say that these were the best nachos I have ever eaten! 
The tortilla chips were served with fresh salsa, guacamole and melted cheese. 
 It was a great size portion too and I found myself sharing some with Stuart as they were really filling.


Stuart chose to go for the Grande Quesadilla for his main which is 
a baked flour tortilla sandwich drizzled with sour cream, served with Mexican rice and
chipotle chilli sauce with a choice of filling which Stuart had BBQ pulled pork, cheese and salsa. 


I went for the Chimichanga which is a flour tortilla fried golden brown with cheese, sautéed onions and pepperswith a choice of filling, I chose to go for the sliced fajita steak. The Chimichanga is then garnished with sour cream, chives, guacamole and tortilla croutons. The dish is served with Mexican rice and black beans. 


We also ordered fries for on the side which was really lovely. 

We really would love to have gone for dessert, however  we were stuffed from the starter and main.
Although I did leave a lot of my main I can assure you it was because I was just too full and for no other reason, as it was one of the best meals I have ever eaten. 

I was very impressed on the service the drinks and meals arrived within pretty good time,
no long waits like you get in some restaurants. 

The staff were all lovely and polite and offered us advice on what sides and desserts to choose
from so next time we go I will certainly be giving them a try. 

After we had finished our meal the manager thanked us for our visit and so yes we will be eating there again in the future. 

Have you ever been to Chimichanga? Do you like Mexican food? 



  1. I loved Chimichanga when we went (also to MK). One of the best places I've eaten! x

  2. Sounds like a gorgeous meal - and a great experience overall. I love it that the manager thanked you for your visit.

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

  3. I like Mexican food but have never been to Chimichanga it is too far away from my home.

  4. sounds delicious and really amazing

  5. I love Mexican food...although there's no Mexican restaurants where I live in England, I'm lucky enough to make regular visits to Los Angeles so get loads of authentic Mexican food (I gain so much weight on my trips, but it's totally worth it!) :)

  6. debbie godbolt21 May 2014 at 11:21

    great review i also love mexican food but find it hard to resist the dishes loaded with creamy sauces and guacamole.
    i will have to try Chimichanga x

  7. All looks soooo good me wanna try

  8. That all looks really good. Very jealous.

  9. The food looks brilliant!


  10. Shame Milton Keynes is a long way away for me. The food looks great.

  11. I've never been before but the food looks lovely

  12. the food looks yummy and delicious !!

  13. I love mexican food but not been to Chimichanga yet..will have to soon

  14. I've never had focacia but damn that looks good !!

  15. Thanks; I'm looking forward to trying some of that lovely looking food and drink myself now.

  16. Great name for a restaurant.

  17. I love Mexican food, I went to Mexico a couple of years ago, it is beautiful. Definitley my favourite cuisine.

  18. Oh wow looks amazing, I live not far from Milton Keynes I must try it out - thank you for the great post

  19. Oh wow looks amazing, I live not far from Milton Keynes I must try it out - thank you for the great post

  20. Looks delicious. Have been to Chimichanga in Watford and love their Fajitas and nachos with dip

  21. No, I've not been to Chimichanga but it all looks very yummy.

  22. Im in milton Keynes next month, thanks for your review i think i may well be heading here to have dinner with my family :D the grande quesadilla looks amazing x

  23. faye huntington7 June 2014 at 17:45

    the food looks soooo yummy! faye xx

  24. Looks great, I've never tried Chimichanga so will look out for one

  25. Yum makes me wish I lived in Milton Keynes.

  26. i love our local chimichangas, the best mexican food in the uk

  27. I've never been to any Mexican restaurant but would love to after looking at these pics! I usually just stick to what I know (Indian/Chinese), but this post has made me realise that I would really like to try something new!

  28. we love mexican food usually eat at los iguaneas but chimchanga looks great

  29. Mmmm, I must try to find a Chilli Focaccia recipe. It sounds delicious.

  30. The food looks lovely - I will have to give it a try

  31. I visit CMK quite regularly but I've never tried Chimichanga. IT certainly looks worth a try in the future

  32. Not far from me I might give it a go thanks x

  33. I love Mexican food. I'll have to venture here one of these days.

  34. oooh, think im going there for my friends birthday, never been before, but thanks to this im quite excited x

  35. I do not know if I like Mexican food. I love to explore new flavors. Chimichanga looks delicious.
    I have to visit this place.

  36. Don't think I would have managed a dessert either, it all sounds yummy and filling.

  37. Just found your blog via Google, great review! :) We've just visited and published our review of Chimichanga Milton Keynes Stadium and sadly didn't have such a favourable experience as yours!