How I thought I would parent Vs How I actually parent


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I have always had an idea in my head what I would be like as a parent when the time
came, before I was even pregnant with Blake. 

The things I would do such as breastfeeding etc.
 but of course how I thought 
I would parent vs how I actually parent is completely different.

So here is a fun post on how I thought I would parent vs
how i actually parent. 

Please can I just say that I know a lot of people are going to have mixed
views on my parenting techniques but any negative comments will be deleted. 

How I thought I would parent: 

- I would breastfeed my child til approx one year of age
- I would use a sling and carry my child around regularly
- I would use cloth nappies 
- I would have strict routines
- I would plan fun activities to do every day 
- I wouldn't co-sleep 
 - I would puree food when it came to weaning

How I actually parent: 

- I ended up mix feeding to begin with then after four weeks went 
on to formula feeding due to having issues with breastfeeding. 

- Blake hated being in a sling 

- I use cloth nappies but not all time I do use disposables
but try and use cloth most of the time. 

- We don't have strict routines I am more laid 
back than I thought I would be as a mum.
He was routines such as bed time and lunch time
but most of the time if he ends up napping longer 
and lunch is a little later than its fine. 

- I don't do near enough as many activities with Blake that I thought 
I would. I go out to baby and toddler groups once or twice a week and
go for walks but at home we really only play with his toys, read books and watch a bit
of TV.

- I don't co-sleep its one thing I don't agree
on due to the safety aspect. 

- We did baby led weaning as Blake didn't take to purees. 

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  1. Love the layout of your post; makes your points very easy to follow.
    So sorry that breastfeeding didn't work as you would like it; I know how hard that can be. BLW is what we kind of did, but I found weaning really bumpy. I'm also more laid back about the routines, it helps with my sanity really. As for activities at home, I'm not really a crafty kinda girl, but I often feel I can do more. You know though, we keep trying and doing what we can, hopefully moving towards the regular giving of our best to our family. #12daysofparenting