2017 family bucket list


As there are so many places and things that I would like to do and some which i never got round to doing last year I thought I'd compile a bucket list. I'm hoping that by writing them down we will actually do them. Some are things to do/places to visit as a family or things I'd like to for me or with Stuart. 

As there are so many things to see and do in our local area its somewhere I'd like to explore more as well as doing a little bit of travelling. One of things I'll certainly be checking out is Groupon for deals and discounts so that we can save some money on our days out. 

As a family: 

- Visit mead open farm again 
- Take Blake to the cinema
- Visit Whipsnade Zoo
- See In the Night Garden Live In London
- Have a family photoshoot
- Visit the local splash park
- Go to the beach 
-Go Swimming
- Do A children's trail
- Go for a walk at Dunstable Downs
- Visit Rushmere park
- Visit Stockgrove park
- Visit Gulliver's land
- Have a good walk around Willen Lake
- Visit Mk Museum
- Have a lovely walk in the woods
- Visit Wardown Park/Musueum
-Visit Cadbury World
- Visit some local National Trust places
- Have a picnic
- Eat out for Breakfast 

- Read at least 12 books (approx 1 a month)
- Save 
- Go on a spending ban
- Take more photos
- Use the calm app and book more
- Get rid of clutter
- Drink more water
- Have a pj day (I very rarely stay in my pjs all day)
- Bake at least once a month
- Meal plan
- Create a photo album 
-Join in with linkys
- Grow my instagram 
- Have a massage or facial 
- Give blood
- Get a new tattoo
- Find more ways to save on bills etc
- Try out some hacks I've found on Pinterest 
- Plan Blake's birthday party for December 
- Do something different with my hair

As a couple: 
- Have afternoon tea at new place
- Eat out at some new restaurants
- Go to London on our own for the day
- Have more date nights at home
- Go bowling
- Go on the London eye
- Go to the cinema 
-Have a night away together 
- Take more photos of us together

So that is my list of things I'd love for us to do in 2017 and I'm looking forward to ticking these off. 

Do you have a bucket list for the year ahead? 

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  1. What a nice idea, especially as you have one for each category.
    I have things in my head basically. Most of them are things I've had there for at least a year. Maybe I need to make that list.

  2. I think you have some really wonderful items on your 2017 bucket list! I love how you have separated them into categories for the family, yourself and as a couple. I think it's great to have separate goals in each area.

  3. Those are pretty doable bucket lists for the year and I'll be intrigued to see how much are ticked off by the end of the year. I don't do bucket list but I can see how beneficial they can be.

  4. We have so many similar goals for the year ahead. From the couples one more date nights is high on my list. I hope you all achieve these fabulous goals in 2017 x

  5. You've listed some lovely activities, I hope you manage to do them all xx

  6. I love this idea - we have a life bucket list, but putting more manageable ideas down for 1 year is great! I def need to take more photos, I'm rubbish at getting the camera ready and don't want to regret it later! x Good luck! x

  7. My major item for 2017 is to finish my doctorate and then I have the freedom to do a lot more! Good luck with your list :)

  8. Great list! I am definitely down for working on more pyjama days, haha! I really want to work on my Pinterest this year, but struggle to wrap my head around it!
    Ashton xx

  9. Some great things to do here. Hope you do all of them x

  10. Love your list, I love a good pj day mine should be to have less! but the date nights will be fun as will all the fun family days out! x

  11. I think it's so important to set yourself goals for the new year, and I have to say! These sound like they will be a lot of fun to complete!

  12. Lots of things to do this year. I haven't made a bucket list, but perhaps I should.

  13. So many exciting things to do in 2017! Look forward to hearing how you get on x

  14. Oh sounds like a great bucket list and I really hope you get through it all. I have so many things I want to do including exploring more places in the UK, getting out of the country at least five times, going to go ape and getting my PADI scuba diving qualification x

  15. I hope you manage to tick all these things off your bucket list! I'd love to be able to save more this year x

  16. I don't actually have a bucket list for this year! I have goals though but they are all work based - I'm going to write a personal one!

  17. What a fab list and such a good idea to have a bucket list. Good luck with it!

  18. That is a great list, I need to type ours up

  19. what a lovely list Joanna, this is such a cool buketlist. I have a bucketlist for this year too and working on it.

  20. That's a great list! One of my main aims for this year is to read more - it's just trying to make the time to do it.

  21. Great list of things to complete, I think I am going to sit down asap and do a family bucket list. So many things I want to do though!

  22. This is a really good idea to create a bucket list for the year! I might do one! I hope you manage to do it all! xo

  23. A great bucket list for the year! Yes to more PJ days, my favourite kind of days. What kind of tattoo are you wanting to get?

  24. Great list! For some reason this year I decided not to make one

  25. I love how you have done multiple bucket lists! Too often it's easy to forget to do things as a couple so this is lovely! Good luck completing them z

  26. All great ideas! There's lots of places near us that are on our list for days out this year :)

  27. Love how you have different lists and include one for yourself and as a couple. I'd like to try and read 12 books too (if I can get off my phone lol) x

  28. There are some fab things on there hope you get to achieve them all X X

  29. How lovely and definitely realistic in my opinion. You should tick them off as you go and get the family to help with the first grouping :)

  30. Good luck with it all, hope you have a great year full of adventure x

  31. This is an impressive list, hope you get through it all x

  32. What a fantastic list - I love that you've got three different categories! Good luck with ticking things off it, sounds like you're going to have a great 2017

  33. Great list. I hope you smash everyone of them.

  34. Great list Joanna. I wanted to go on the London Eye myself this weekend but it was closed for maintenance until Wednesday. Next time. We have set ourselves a family bucket list for this year and slowly but surely planning through it.

  35. I love a good bucket list - I always have things I want us to do and it changes frequently so I do a seasonal one x x

  36. What a lovely set of things to complete. I've seen that going to the cinema is a really popular bucket list mention.