Living Arrows- 3/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”- Kahlil Gibran

The past week for me as been a struggle with feeling low and rather depressed. I managed to force myself out this week with Blake though and we have been to the park. 

Blake's favorite place is the park, we have a park which is a five minute walk from our flat  which Blake loves. Now that Blake and I go without the buggy during the week it takes us half an hour to get there and half an hour back but it's worth it as he loves toddling along and is so happy exploring. At the moment Blake's silky bear (blanket) has to come everywhere with us which can be a pain when he ends up dropping it in a puddle or loosing it and we have to trace our steps back to find it. His favorite part of the park at the moment is the slide and a close second is the swings. 

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to one of Blake's friends birthday party and we all had a great time. Blake loved the music session with Ragdolly Anna's and won some chocolate and a chalk board in pass the parcel. He also loved running around playing with his friends, playing with balloons and just having so much fun and was exhausted after. 

Living Arrows

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