The Ordinary Moments - Me time


This week I have been focusing on me time once Blake is down for a nap or in bed. I have made sure that I am using my me time doing something I love rather than just scrolling through facebook or instagram. 

So here are a few ordinary moments that I have been enjoying for me time this week:

Reading a book and drinking coffee
One of my favorite hobbies is reading and this week I've spent time reading Hurrah For Gin, which i have now finished and enjoying a good mug of coffee (gingerbread latte). 

I've been making time to just enjoy laying back in the bath and using a lush bath bomb has been a bonus. 

Calm app and book 
I've made time this week to use the calm app and read a few pages of the calm book to help with my anxiety levels when I felt over whelmed

I've started enjoying doing a bit of mindfulness coloring and have been really enjoying it

Another guilty habit is Netflix and I have just finished watching Vampire Dairies so need to find something new for me to watch. 

Glass of wine and chocolate
Just being able to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine and a bar of chocolate once Blake is bed have been bliss. 

What are your favorite me time moments?

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  1. I try to do this too, although my littlest doesnt nap when she is happy playing I make sure I put down my phone and read a magazine or just drink a coffee and watch her quietly. That is perfect to me x

  2. I need to make more time for 'me time', rather than social media browsing time, too! I've been trying to have a relaxing bath for weeks now. I feel like tonight is the night haha. Thanks for inspiring me :) x

  3. That sounds great and good for you having some me time. That's what I need to do as well a bit more. I love having a bath and putting in a lush bath bomb, that's the kind of me time I enjoy. I always read my book and relax. x

  4. I need to do more of all of this! I have hardly any me time - must try harder! x

  5. I think every mom should find some time just for herself. Having these little moments is very important, they can help to start another day with joy. Book and coffee? It's always "yes" from me:)

  6. I just love a cup of tea. I should start doing some mindfulness colouring x

  7. I watch cookery programmes. Jamie Oliver, Gok, things like that x