5 Secrets To Going Back To Work After Pregnancy

There comes a moment in a mother’s life when she faces the choice between staying home to take care of her child and going back to work. Considering it’s quite a life-altering decision, there are many things that should be considered before making the final call. For instance, the decision to stay home with your child is normally accompanied by follow-up choices of when to go back to work, and if to go back at all. On the other hand, if the decision is to go back to work right away, new choices are to be made between going back to the old job/workplace and pursuing an entirely novel career path. In case of deciding to take your career in a new direction, online resources like Jobrapido can be very helpful and can provide you with job openings in almost any company in the UK, including well-known brands like Morrisons. Here are five secrets useful to mothers considering going back to work after pregnancy.

1. Dependable childcare
Finding the right childcare can often be quite a struggle. However, there are many channels to find the right babysitter or nanny. Talk with your neighbors, friends and family to see if they have a recommendation. If you feel more comfortable with your child being around other kids, look into daycares in your area. Daycares are also a great way to meet other parents of kids in your area!

2. Stock up on essentials
Having a prepared bag under your desk at work or in your car is great to have on hand. Some items to always keep in the bag are: nursing pads, breast pump and healthy snacks.

3. Practice saying no
Before you get back into the swing of being at work, practice saying no. Balancing work and family is an adjustment, so being aware what and how much you can handle is key. When you are at work, ease in and be careful of taking too much on your plate. That way, when you go home you are not overwhelmed by work tasks while you would rather be enjoying time with your little bundle of joy.

4. Do a practice run
Your current morning routine may need some adjustments as you transition into the work world. Once you know what time you need to be in the office, do a practice run before your first day of work so you know what time to wake up. It may take you more time than you think to get yourself ready or give your baby breakfast, so a practice run will help you learn what time to set your alarm for as well as if some night preparation could be of help! Laying your clothes out the night before or preparing breakfast are two ideas to help shave off time in your morning routine.

5. Be patient with yourself.
It will take time to adjust to this new lifestyle, so give yourself time to properly adapt figure it out, as well as the time to unwind after each new day.

It is completely normal to face some challenges or be a bit stressed as you transition from being with your baby all the time to working. But being prepared before you make the transition can make working through it even just a bit easier. Keep a positive mindset and you’ll find that balance before you know it!

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