Monday, 16 October 2017

No Spend October : Poundland broke me

I wrote my plans for No spend October and so I wanted to give you an update and unfortunately I only lasted 13 days before breaking the ban and giving up. Poundland broke me, Poundland have really been upping their game recently and after seeing loads of people sharing their Christmas bargains online I couldn't resist much longer. 

However even though I have given up the no spend month I did manage to save around £400 during the 13 days which I have put into savings. Usually as soon as I got paid I would have just splurged on Amazon. 

During the 13 days I managed to stick at it I did learn some things: 

1. That I actually enjoy saving more than I do spending
2. Its made me think more before buying something
3. That it's worth saving for something I want as it would make me appreciate it a bit more
4. That I need to think of my money/finances long term 
5. I spend too much on things not needed especially things for Blake
6. That we need to cut down on takeaways 

I also feel that some of the ideas that I mentioned in my previous post are easy to stick at such as using up what we have in, borrow books/films,walk rather than getting the local bus, enjoy free days out. 

When it comes to No spend months I don't think I'll try it again however I do feel that I can cut down my spending and at least once a month do a no spend week or weekend. 

Have you done a no spend month? How did you get on?



  1. Ooh I think you did really well considering and I admittedly haven't been into Poundland in months, but they usually have brilliant Halloween stuff x

  2. I usually start looking for my Christmas bits in October (as well as Halloween things) so I think you did pretty well. Pound land always have such good bargains, so at least you didn't spend loads!

  3. You still did really well though! I really need to try a no-spend ban but with Christmas coming up, I doubt it will work! x

  4. I've never tried no spend month but I am usually very carefull with my shopping. A few years back I've declutter our house and I really like to keep it this way, so we only buy what we need... no clutter welcome in our home no more :-)

  5. It is not something I have tried but I don;t spend much on extras anyway - all my money goes on bills, food and the kids clubs

  6. I’m really struggling with money myself lately, so this is really positive and inspiring to read. The fact you gave it a go and you did save more than you thought you would is amazing! Especially since it gave you the experience.
    I bet it was tough starting it this month when Christmas is just around the corner!

  7. I didn’t realise no spend October was a thing. We have also tried to not spend this month and have done remarkably well x

  8. wow, you managed a good save even if you weakened with pound land. I really like the idea of a no spend month. I think that's something I'll do with my girls after Christmas and use the saved money for a family treat!

  9. Wow thats a really big savings in 13 days!! I really need to do something like this although I have to say I do save more than I spend but still I love a challenge

    Laura x

  10. I think you have done a fab job lasting so long! I have done a no spend month before and like you it really changed my spending habits.

  11. I could really do with having a no spend month too! It must be tough though.

  12. Well done, never done a no spend month and don't think I could manage it completely. Amazing how much you spent in those days and great that you've come away from the experience having learnt things that you will benefit from in the future.

  13. 13 days is still amazing, i wouldn't even last 1 day lol! Poundland have really improved their range of products this year haven't they? xx

  14. I think it's great that you got where you did. I could never have a no spend month, so well done for trying