Tactical Tuesdays (Surviving the clock change)


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Our featured post of the week is Ode to Gina Ford by Mama Grace even though I haven't read anything by Gina Ford I am a believer in a good routine. 

Tactical Tuesday at Joanna Victoria

This coming Sunday the 29th of October the clocks go back an hour and so this means not only the darker mornings/nights but also loosing an hour. Now if you are a parent this is the time of year you most likely dread. Children don't understand and so you may find that your usual 6 am start is a 5 am start. 

So how will you be coping? There are many ways other parents go about it and I thought i'd share some ideas I have come across below:

- Embrace it and know it will take a few days to settle back into a routine 
- Keep your child/ren up an hour later than usual in preparation 
- Go to bed earlier yourself
- Move bedtime gradually over the week before 
- For older children use a gro clock 

What has worked for us is keeping Blake up an hour later than usual the night before and also if he does get up earlier than just embracing it as it doesn't take him too long to get into the routine luckily.

If you are unfortunate to having to get up at silly o clock than entertainment in the form of TV/DVD/Tablet may help you get a bit more shut eye failing that dose up on the extra coffee and take time out of your day to have a bit of time for yourself is a good idea too. 

What do you do for preparing for the clocks to change? 

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  1. Thank goodness daylight savings is just an hour, so it doesn't take too long to adjust to it. Maybe a week or so. I've travelled with my little ones to places that have a time difference, and we usually just have to stick to our home (New Jersey) time, because its just easier that way. Well not easier for us, but for the kids. #tacticaltuesdays

  2. Ah fab thanks for this, i count this year as our first year dealing with this so top tips!

  3. I'm hoping my 6 year old can just amuse herself if she wakes up an hour earlier than usual at the weekend!

  4. Drat I can't believe the clocks go back already. It sucks that we have to lose an hour of sleep lol. I don't sleep enough as it is haha!I like the idea of trying to go to bed earlier!

  5. I'm dreading the clock change, because it always ends up getting me confused, haha

  6. This is a great idea for a linkup. Daylight saving is awkward with little ones but when they are old enough to walk to school it is such a relief they can do it more safely in daylight.

  7. Thanks for reminding me about the clock changing. Forgotten. Need to get my household ready.

  8. I completely forgot to clocks go back this Sunday, thanks for the reminder otherwise I will so over sleep

  9. I never considered how the clocks going back would effect a child's routine! This looks like a great linky to get some valuable tips.

  10. I guess sleeping earlier will definitely a big help.

  11. I wish I was organised enough to think about it in the days leading up to the time change. As it is, we seem to end up just rolling with it and hope he somehow adjusts! Luckily he is quite a chilled out little man and doesn't seem to have too much trouble adjusting. #tacticaltuesdays