2018 Goals


Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely new years eve and haven't got too much of a sore head today. We spent new years eve at home as usual scoffing buffet lunch, drinking a glass of rose and I brought in the new year with my nose stuck in a book. 

Every year I like to jot down a list of goals of what I want to achieve for the year ahead. I acutally spent some time yesterday listing them in a notebook and now I wanted to add this this list here to share with you my plans. 

This year I have split my goals into 5 categories it may look like a lot however I do feel that they are achievable. 

- Read more and share my reads on here ( I plan to share what I've read every 6 months) 
- Sort out my finances 
- Get rid of clutter
- Meal plan 
- Give blood
- Get a new tattoo
- loose at least 2 stone
- Plan Blake's 4th Birthday party ( In December) in advance 
- Write in my Happy Journal each day 

- Increase my DA ( highest its been so far is 31) 
- Join in with more linkys
- Focus on the Tactical Tuesdays linky I co host
- Grow my social media ( By the end of the year I'd love to have double the amount of followers with any luck)
- Grow my views
- Get into a better routine of blogging
- Batch blog/ schedule posts
- More blog collaborations
- More sponsored work
- Be more blog organised ( I'm awaiting a planner I have ordered) 

- Budget
- Put X amount of money away each week and 4 weekly
- Put a % of sponsored post money away into savings each time I'm paid
- skim my bank 
-  Do a weekly or weekend spending ban 
- find ways to save more on bills 
- find ways to make a bit more money 
-  save £1 coins into a tin 

As a couple: 
- Go out for Afternoon tea
- Try out at least 2 new restaurants
-  Take more photos of the 2 of us
- Do something special for our 10 years of being together
- Go to the cinema 
- Go Bowling
- See a show

As a family: 
- Go to Mead Open farm
- Go to Whipsnade zoo
- See in the night garden live
- See Teletubbies live
- Go to the beach
- Have at least one holiday
- Go Swimming
- Go to Rushmere
- Visit Gulliversland 
-Visit Cadbury World
- Visit a National Trust place
- Have a picnic
- Visit the splash park
- Visit soft play a few times outside of Leighton Buzzard 
- Eat out at least once for breakfast 

So what do you think of my 2018 goals? Do you think they are achievable? What are your new year goals?

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  1. Woah- so many goals! Good luck with them! Mine are to practice self-care more for my own personal wellbeing, continue to grow my blog and hopefully start a youtube channel, be efficient with my money and plan meals so i can eat better! x

  2. I believe your goals are achievable and commended especially giving blood and saving money.

  3. I love your goals for 2018! I realised the other day that I dont actually have alot of pictures of me and my oh so I share the same goal as you to take more pics of us!
    FYI: If you are looking for a new linky to join I am relaunching my positivity linky on Sunday called #SundaySmiles.
    Would love to see you!

  4. I definitely think you have made a great list of goals and I like how you sorted it into categories as well. Good luck with increasing your DA and getting more sponsorship work!

  5. Some great goals here, good to have a mix of tough ones and ones that are easy to achieve. I've not been able to give blood for a long time due to taking medication but now that I can I would love to do it a few times a year.

  6. Your 2018 goals sound fab and so doable. I like you have set a reading goal, I stopped reading a few years ago when life got a little hectic and turned upside down. But I treated myself to some new books and started reading on 1st January. Hopefully I can carry it on every day. Good luck with your goals, you're going to have a very fulfilling year.

  7. Yes give blood! I can't give blood as I've had a transfusion myself. Do you already have any tattoos or will this be your first?

  8. Ooh you definitely have to try afternoon tea it is a lot of fun! I went to my first afternoon tea a few months ago and I have been to a few since!

  9. There's some fantastic goals here. I've love the idea of putting some money away from sponsored posts away when you get paid. That seems like a good habit to get into

  10. I love all your goals and they all seem doaable. Its great that they include time to be spent as a couple and as a family.

  11. That's a lot of goals! Some quite similar to mine in terms of the blog!

  12. Good luck with achieving your goals! I've set myself quite a few blog goals this year too x

  13. That's a pretty extensive list but all noble goals. DA will always be a mystery I think!

  14. I need to set some goals too. I have them all in my head, but writing them down seems to make them more achievable and 'real'.

  15. Great lists, good luck with achieving your goals! #SharingtheBlogLove

  16. That is a great set of goals and I’ve no doubt you will smash them x

  17. Good luck with achieving these - they sound like really fun goals to set about meeting. I love your couples goals - I'm looking to focus on my relationship with my husband this year and I'm totally stealing afternoon tea for one of our date ideas, I absolutely love a good tea and cake (and preferably champagne too!) Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  18. Great goals. I write a bucket list each year for different parts of our life and I find it really helps shape our year. Good luck with it all. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  19. Oh this is such a wonderful goals! One of my goals is get my business grow and i want to have wonderful memories with my family.

  20. You have so many goals and I haven't yet set any for me! You've given me some ideas :)

  21. It’s great to go into the new year with such focuss, wish you the best with your resolutions! X

  22. Good luck with achieving your goals. #SharingtheBlogLove

  23. Such great goals to start the new year! Good luck in reaching them all, you can totally do it!!

  24. I am sure u will able to achieve all of them good luck

  25. You've set yourself some great goals - breaking them down into categories make them seem really achievable too. #ShareTheBlogLove

  26. Those are some great goals! Good luck with them all. I love how you've split them into categories

  27. I like the idea of setting goals for the new year and I think yours are achievable and well structured for you. I have set a few practical goals for me/the family this year including a house move, just got a sale so we are at the nail biting stage of sorting all the finances out and trying to pack our life into boxes!

  28. Wow what a brilliantly comprehensive set of goals, puts mine to shame - lose some weight.

  29. Great goals but I wonder if there are too many - usually its best to focus on a few at a time with goals.

  30. They sound like great goals to work on throughout the year. My goal this year is to try and plan my meals at the weekend so that I eat more fresh food!