Decluttering: Things you need to get rid of now ( Tactical Tuesdays)

Happy New Year! After taking a little break during December from  Tactical Tuesdays due to it being a very busy month for us with Blake's birthday, the festivities and of course Christmas I am exciting to be back co-hosting with the lovely Vicky.

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Now that Christmas is over and the new year has begun, one thing is for sure. People would want to declutter their homes! The New Year is supposed to bring something new. Many try out a new hobby, a new passion, or just try to be a better version of themselves. It could be pursuing something you've always wanted to do or quitting that job you hate. For house owners, the New year also signifies that they should declutter! It's a new beginning and you don't exactly want to live the entire year in a cluttered place, do you? Add to that the extra clutter that you'll be bringing in throughout the year and you've got a place near to exploding. Don't despair. We're not telling you to throw away your stuff. You can simply rent a self storage unit in Wimbledon, Chiswick, Southwark, or wherever you live in the UK. This way, you can have a spacious house all year!  

I thought I'd compile a handy list of items that you need to get rid of this year: 

- Bridesmaids dresses
I have a lovely dress and some heels I wore last year and I know I wont use them again and are taking up much needed space in our home. 

- Pens that don't work

- Miscellaneous plugs and chargers 
for some reason we have loads and have never worked out what they belong to or have used them in the 3 years that we have lived in this flat so they have got to go. 

- Old suncream/medications 
I need to go through my cupboards and chuck them all out as they aren't needed

- Takeout menu's
They pile up and most of the time we just order online so are not needed

- Clothes
Ones that don't fit, haven't been worn in ages or a getting a bit tatty. The same applies your child/rens clothing. 

- Leftovers in the freezer
If it's been in there awhile or you have no idea how long its been in there its time to chuck 

- Old Birthday cards
In my teens I use to keep all my birthday cards no idea why. Now after a week I chuck them out. Instead of sending cards why not instead opt for a birthday ecard.

- Tupperware without lids
Tupperware lids are like the missing socks of the kitchen. No point having loads of tupperware and no lids.

I don't buy CDs anymore and listen to music online however if you have any sentimental CDs than keep them. 

-Threadbare towels
We purchased new towels before Christmas and need to get rid of our old ones

- Plastic bags 
I think most of us have a draw filled with plastic bags we now use bags for life so these are no longer needed

- Dead batteries

- Old phones 

- Old make up

- Old or unused toys
you may have to sneak these out the home

- Broken or unwanted books 

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