When it comes to beauty and skincare I love to try out new products. I have a skincare routine for both morning and night which works well for me. There are so many different products though that you may feel overwhelmed so I've complied a list of products that you need to buy. I've not included make up and may end up doing a separate post on that. I however have included a few haircare related items.


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Life can throw a curveball at you. During the past few years many of us have come into financial difficulties. Covid sure has a lot to answer for thanks to many people being furloughed, hours being cut, having to juggle working from home whilst homeschooling. The stress about money to pay the bills on top is definitely something that isn't needed. Plus it's January which tends to be a bit tougher financially because Christmas has been and gone and December payday was most likely earlier than other months.

If you are in a position where you need to borrow money NEVER opt for payday loans as they cause much more stress and have high interest fees which you really don't need. Instead find a company like Polar Credit who offer alternative financial services.

Teaching Your Child to Resist Peer Pressure

 *This is a collaborative post

The influence that peers have on our lives starts at early childhood and becomes greater as we grow into teenagers. There are 6 main forms that this can take. Peer pressure can be direct, indirect, positive, negative, unspoken and spoken. All these types can in some way contribute to your child’s mental health and even make them feel pressured to act in a way that they otherwise wouldn’t. This can be a hard social force to ignore which is why we have teamed up with an independent school in Bristol to share ways that you can teach your child to resist peer pressure.