Christmas Prep

I can't believe that I am mentioning Christmas already I  know a quite a few people don't like talking about Christmas til more nearer the time.But  I am sure there are others out there
like me who like to keep organised. 
So yes I am mentioning Christmas in October. 

Money wise Christmas is going to be a tight one which is why I am planning on sticking to a budget. 

My Plan is  that we spend no more than £10 per person (other than on each other) and will be buying for. 

My Mum and her partner 
My sister
My nan 
My Grandma 
Stuart's Mum and partner
Stuart's Dad
Our two Nephews 
and I think we doing a round robin with 
Stuart's brother and his wife
and Stuart's sister and her partner
so that's £120 

Then for each other we have a budget of no more than £50 each making it a total of £220 on presents 

As for Christmas cards, wrapping paper, gift labels and decorations I  have a budget of no more than £15

So our Christmas budget this year is £235
I do hope to under cut this as much as possible though. 

I am also entering loads of competitions to put items aside for Christmas so fingers crossed I'll have some winnings. Lucky for us we have saved on getting our nephews birthday gifts (he born on Xmas day) by winning a DVD and a toy for him. 

But I also have to get gifts for My nan's Birthday ( 10 days before Xmas) my father in laws birthday (7 days after Xmas) and my sisters birthday (8 days after Xmas).

Once I start my Christmas shopping at the end of the month I will keep you posted on how well I am doing as well as more Xmas based posts. 

Have you started your Christmas plans yet? 

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