What's In My Keepsake Box?

I know a lot of you bloggers out there do a What's In My Bag? posts. 
However I wanted to do something a little different, the contents of my bag 
isn't that exciting just a load of receipts that need sorting out and a purse that is falling 
apart along with a mini hairbrush and some other junk. 

So yes I am doing a What's In my Keepsake Box post instead. 
The only(until we have kids)  keepsake box we own is a 
wedding keepsake box
 filled with wedding treasures.

It took me awhile to find a good sized, sturdy and reasonably priced keepsake box.
I found that they were either too small 
they looked as if they would break easily
 and if I did see a good one it was overly priced 
at approx £40 sometimes more. 

 So when I found this one in Leighton Buzzard I was thrilled 
its perfect size to fit everything in, it's good quality and I can see
it lasting forever and was only £25. 

Below is contents that it holds 

 1. Our lovely wedding cards from people we have a pile of them that I have tucked away in a plastic little bag.

I had to do a photo of this wedding card separate from the other photo
as its so awesome Stuart's cousin Claire made this she loves doing little cross stitches 

This is another one of her cross stitches
 that she did for our wedding acceptance card 

My wedding lucky horse shoe from my mum 
Reads "Just Married"

Another lucky charm this time from my nan 

I love my Tiara 
I love how sparkly this is I brought 
it off some company off Facebook

Our little Page Boy Finn's little bow tie 
he looked so cute in his little outfit

Stuart's cufflinks, hanky and tie

My lovely little hair clips that
I had keeping my little braids in place

Our wedding cake topper
I love Tatty Teddys 

Stuart's speech 
we plan on getting this laminated at some point


Our Order of service

My shawl that kinda kept me warm  

The Newspaper in which our engagement
 back in 09 was announced in 

and of course our Wedding certificate holder 

Do you have a keepsake box? 
if so what do you have in it? 
link me up if you do a post.