Review: Happy Aldi Christmas

We all love foodie treats this time of year and thanks to Aldi you are able to have high quality products at a low cost. Some of my favourite treats this time of year are gingerbread biscuits, chocolate and cake. 

Well I have the opportunity to show you some bitsbfrom Aldi's Christmas range. 

First off Lebkuchen Assortment of biscuits.The Lebkuchen Assortment of biscuits are a selection of German Biscuits that come in 4 yummy varieties in a pack. I forget to take a photo of this yummy selection (sorry) I found this biscuits to be extremely yummy although I will say they are more like cakes than biscuits but I'm not complaining. The biscuits are very soft and chewy and are covered in chocolate toowhich is a bonus in my books. Me and Stuart munched through this selection rather quickly.The pack retails at £3.29

Secondly Choceur Chocolate Reindeer.Ideal for children or the big kids at heart 
they come in either Milk or Dark Chocolate (we got the milk)As you can see from the photo below the chocolate reindeer is wrapped in lovely foil paper and has a cute tag around his neck.The chocolate is very smooth and melts in your mouth. 
I was sent two and am passing one on to my nephew as a little treat since his birthday is also on Christmas Day

Then there is the Black Forrest Cherry Stolen which is very fruityand soft and a great treat. £3.99

And last of all is the fabulous Gingerbread housethat is sweetly decorated and made wonderful centre piece. The gingerbread house was full of flavour and was loved by all. RRP: £5.99

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