Review: EcoForce and Dishmatic

Recently I have been sent some Ecoforce products and 
a Dishmatic to review. 

Ecoforce sell a range of practical and effective household cleaning products that are more environmentally friendly than alternatives which they call virgin plastic. 
Ecoforce products are made from approx 90% recycled waste and work just as well,
if not even better than products that are made from virgin plastic. Meaning that by buying these products you are helping to reduce landfill and conserves fossil fuels. 

As you can see in photo below I was sent a Ecoforce Peg Basket which retails at £2.99
The basket is strong and durable made from 94% recycled plastic with a handle with a hook enabling you to hang it on the line while you're hanging out your washing. 
The price of the product also includes a pack of 24 Ecoforce recycled clothes pegs.The pegs on their own retail at £1.49. They are made using a unique design from a single piece of plastic,making the pegs stronger, safer and more energy efficient to produce.The pegs are extremely tough so can stand the strongest weather conditions
They are British so made from British waste. Ecoforce also sell a clothes line for £1.99 made form 89% of recylced plastic which I wasn't sent. 

I was also sent a range of cleaning products which are handy for most areas of the home. 
- Ecoforce Scourers 
- Ecoforce sponges  
- Ecoforce cloths
- Ecoforce Dusters 

Ecoforce scourers retail at £1.49 a pack.I was sent a three pack of the two different types.first up is the heavy duty pads that are easy to  grip and are ideal for cleaning toughand baked on mess quickly and easily. Then there are the non scratch pads that are also easy to grip,and are ideal for using on delicate non stick surfaces without scratching.

The sponges also retail at £1.49 in a pack of 2 
they are super absorbent made using 100% recycled foam are easy to grip. Each of the packs have one of each type of scourers as mentioned above. 

The cloths are a favourite so far of mine and retail at £1.49 for a pack of 2
they are super absorbent and quilted  that are made from high quality recycled materials. The multi purpose cloths can be used wet or dry and extra soft which are Z-stitched for strength. They are also machine washable. As for the duster they are made from a mixture of recycled cotton/viscose and synthetic fibres. 

I also love the food bag grips that I was sent which retail at £1.49
They are made from recycled plastic with a mixture of pre and post consumer waste. 
They are great and reducing food wastage by keeping food fresher for longer. 

Ecoforce do not compromise on the quality or the price of their products meaning that they offer a greener and more ethical choce when it comes to buying everday household products. Ecoforce products can be found in most supermarkets nationwide and oxfam, homebase and B&Q storeas well as online with Ocado. 

I was also sent a Dishmatic which I love.The Dishmatic is a good quality sponge scourer with a fillable handle.The handle is  designed so that it is long lasting so that only the sponge scourer needs replacing. Its very simple to use, you fill the handle with your normal washing up liquid and then just scrub away. The handle has a cleaver cleaning angle to give better access when cleaning awkward crockery and pans. 

Dishmatic also is eco friendly and helps to save money as it only dispenses as much 
liquid as you need. Dismatic also protects your hands as you will no longer be submerging your hands in hot soapy water . Dishmatic is sold in all major supermarkets RRP: £1.47 refills are £1.58 (pack of three) and the Dishmatic brush is £1.99

Overall I rate the Ecoforce products and the Dismatic highly.They are great products that I will be recommending to my family and friends. I know my mum is a huge fan of Dismatic anyway so I know that she would also love the products by Ecoforce too. 

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