13 Goals for 2013

2013 is here a new year, a fresh start and time to make our resolutions
or goals as I much prefer to call them. 

1. Loose weight 
I try and do this every year and end up giving up after 2 weeks
this year I have more motivation with regards to this and something to aim for. 

2. Drink more water 
I am normally really bad at doing this, this year I plan on trying to make
sure I drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. 

3. Take more photo's 

4. Save 
I want an Ipad but there are other things I need to save up for first

5. Get a job
this is more harder than it sounds atm since I been unemployed since July 2011

6. Exercise more
try and do 20 mins minimum of zumba 3x a week 

7. Be more creative

8. Keep comping

9. Try and use more voucher codes

10. Become more thrifty

11. Give up Chocolate for lent
this time stick at it

12. find a new hobby

13. Plan a weekend away 

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