Review: Baker Days Valentines Cakes

Today is the first of my Valentines inspired posts of 2013. 

Baker Days are a cake company that specialise
in personalised cakes for any occasion. 
Their vision is to show the world that you don't have to spend 
a fortune on a unique cake. 
They also wanted to make cakes that are small enough for 
one or two people and are just as grand and lovely as 
larger cakes. They even fit through your letterbox!

Their letter box cakes are the worlds smallest personalised
cake in a tin . 
A perfect gift for friends and family as it's petite, personalised and postable. 

As Valentines Day is fast approaching I was contacted by Baker Days
asking if I would at all be interested in having one of their personalised
Valentines cakes. 
Of course I jumped at the chance; everyone loves a bit of cake! 

Trying to choose which one to have though was a tricky 
as they have so many lovely designs.

Once I had finally decided what one I wanted to go for 
I had a chance to choose which type of cake I wanted from the 
5 choices they offer. 
- Sponge Cake
- Carrot Cake
- Fruit cake
- Gluten and wheat free cake
- Double chocolate chip cake. 

I of course decided to go with the chocolate chip one, 
then I got to personalise it in the words of my own. 

I received the cake a week later, which was packaged really well in a secure tin
and box to guarantee safe delivery and keep the cakes freshness. 

The cake serves 4/5 portions and starts at £14.99. 
I chose to go with the traditional Happy Valentines day cake
and chose a loving message for my husband. 
In case you are wondering Shmoopsy is a nickname my hubby has given me.

The icing was perfect not too sweet and sickly as I normally find to be. 
The double chocolate cake was fab packed with flavour, light and moist 
and is one of the best cakes I have had and the hubby also agrees. 

Baker Days cakes are delicious and would make a fantastic gift
for friends and family and as they can be personalised makes 
these cake a special treat making the recipient 
feel extra special. 

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