Review: Esme Lip Balm Pendant

Have you ever spent ages rifling through your handbag looking for your lip balm ? 
I know I have, this is why I am glad to have had the opportunity to try out
Esme's brand spanking new lip balm pendant. 
Esme jewellery is well know for their perfume pendants 
but they wanted to expand on their range and hence  
the lip balm pendant was born. 

Not only are all of Esme pendants stunning but they are suitable
to worn with any outfit and will make you look glam 
day and night. 

This stunning and unique pendant with crystals is filled with 
a natural lip balm and keeps your lips super soft and moisturised.
I love this handy little pendant and have been wearing it almost everyday. 
The gorgeous sparkly crystal design is on a 30 inch silver plated chain. 

I think that the lip balm pendant is a great invention its so simple to use 
and an attractive design too. 

You can by Esme lip balm pendants for £15. 00
why not check out their other range of pendants and

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