Slimming World #1

The beginning of January I started my slimming journey by joining slimming world. 
I have been wanting to loose weight for so long but I was constantly making 
excuses and it's got the point where I am so over weight that when I look
at photo's of me I feel ashamed. 

I've never joined a slimming group before so was unsure what to expect but 
I did my research beforehand and am glad that I have chosen slimming world. 

Slimming world for me is simple once you get your head around food optimising 
and understand the whole free foods, healthy extras and syns. 

I go to my local meetings every Thursday evening and have meant such lovely
people within the group and its great to have that little extra support. 

My second week I was unsure if there was things I was doing wrong 
as I had only lost 1/2lb but by the third week I lost 3lb 
which thrilled me to keep motivated and on week four I lost 1lb 
this week I have lost another 3lb making my total weight loss this month 
7 1/2 lb meaning I gained my first slimming world award 
and on top of that I also gained my bronze body magic award. 

Even though I have only lost 7 1/2lb and have a long way to go 
to get down to my ideal weight I am thrilled with out good 
I feel and how much my husband and my family can notice the difference already
with my body shape. 

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