30 Ways to Save £1 (or more)

This year Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the £1 coin 
moneysupermarket.com are celebrating it by challenging bloggers 
to share 30 ways to save £1. 
You will then be entered into the prize draw for a chance to win £1000.
So without further ado here are my 30 ways to save £1. 

1. If like me you are a book geek then head to your local library
or if you must buy a book head to the charity shops. 

2. Buy "Value" range products when you can but keep your
eye open for deals sometimes they work out cheaper than supermarkets range. 

3. A foodie tip me and the hubby were fed up our veg going off quickly
so they went to waste we now blanch our veg in hot water and the freeze
them in plastic containers. 

4. Grow your own vegetables and/or herbs

5. Instead of buying chicken drumsticks or chicken breast 
buy a whole chicken you can get a whole lot more chicken 
off them and can use the bones to make stock 

6.Quit the gym and buy some fitness DVDs, fitness games such 
as Zumba or Wii fit or even take up running. 

7. Collect Points on your store cards 
I have ones for Boots, Superdrug and Tesco which I use
the most.

8. Make your own cards works out much cheaper and is
more fun and personal too

9. Make your own gifts
Pinterest is brimming with ideas

10. Head to charity shops
you can find a range of items at great items that are good quality 
without the price tag

11. If you get regular prescriptions and live in England 
than consider getting prescription certificate 

12. wear glasses like me but hate the price tag have a look
at online companies such as Glasses2U.

13.  make sure your in the correct council tax band 
we found out ours wasn't so was able to get a refund. 

14. Instead of going out spend time in doors
cook a meal for friends, have a romantic night in with your loved one. 

15. Sell any clothes or items that you don't need or use
ebay and even facebook groups are good for this

16. Buy cheaper make up brands 
I tend to use MUA a lot more these days 

17.  Recycle jars and posts 
I have a mason jar that came with some bath salts
I now use it to store my Q-tips

18. Pack your own lunch to take to work

19. Same goes for coffee buy a jar of your own to take to work 
rather than going to costa everyday

20. Use freecycle 
you can get some good quality items on there
that people want to get rid of

21. Use comparison sites 
that way you can find the item you want at the best price

22. Up-cycle 
in other words DIY make your old items into something
brand spanking new. 

23. Make most of offers
see something that would make a great gifts and is on offer 
by more than one of them 

24. fancy a drink stay in 
buying a bottle of vodka and a bottle of coke will work out cheaper
and you can buy nibbles on the cheap too

25. Go on free days out
If you look online you can find loads of places to go 
in your local area/s for free 

26. Shop online 
it tends to be easier and also works out cheaper too 
(as long as you don't impulse buy) 

27. Go on approved food 
we have found many good deals on here 

28. Do a weekly food menu and stick to it 

29. Make sure that if you are able to get concessions do so 
I am able to borrow DVDs and CDs from the library for free and 
get discounts on my train fairs just because I have a hearing impairment 

30. Make sure you turn everything off 
the tap when brushing teeth, the electrical appliances at night, 
lights when you don't need them on same for the heating in winter. 

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