Terre d'Oc Make-up remover and Organyc Make-up remover pads

Last month I was lucky enough to win these lovely skincare products 
over on facebook. 

Terre d'Oc is a make-up and skincare brand  that was set up in 1995 
by Valerie Roubaud and Patrick Lions. 
They had a deep desire to introduce their range of natural, organic and fair-traded 
products to the public incorporating the exquisite colour pallets of their home region,
 Provence in the South of France.

The naturally milky make-up remover is a lovely light pink colour and presented in a
environmentally friendly packaging, including a gorgeous burgundy box.

I found that the remover was very runny so I had apply it quick before it went everywhere.
However, combined with using the make-up remover pads they removed my make up 
quickly and effortlessly, leaving not a trace of make-up. 

Organyc is a company that sells a range of sanitary products that 
are 100% organic cotton. 

Organyc Organic Cotton Wool Pads are completely biodegradable and vegan.  
The  quality of the organic cotton pads is clear by the soft touch of the pads.
whether you are using them to remove your make-up or for general use
as they are a multi-purpose product you will find they are super soft
against your skin. 

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