Travel Eco style

Me and my husband don't drive so unfortunately every day my husband 
has to take the bus to and from work, which to be fair is a pain in the backside. 

Not only are the prices ridiculous but then the buses are late an awful
lot of the time or don't bother coming at all. 

So to save the money and time we have discussed a range of options.
He could buy a new Moped but then he would have to faff around
getting a licence, getting his CBT, the right clothing etc. 
Or he could ride a bike now since at the beginning of the year he was
on crutches and has problems with his knee from time to time.
So a bike just wouldn't cut it, until we thought of an electric bike. 

So this is something we are considering at the moment as it would save 
money and time. 

I know at some point my husband would love to be able to drive but we feel this 
would do until that day. 

I will say when it comes to cars he seems to ooh and ahh at vintage and classic cars
when they go by. 

So maybe one day he will get one of them sorts and get classic car insurance
either that or I would be able to persuade him for a more modern upgrade who knows :) 

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