Review: Skinetica

Although I am in my twenties I still suffer from the occasional blemish.
Although I don't suffer from them as much as I did in my teenage
years, I do find them a pain and they crop up at the most inconvenient time/s. 

Recently I have been sent a product that helps to clear breakouts with visible improvements
within 2/3 days. 

Skinetica is a toner like lotion that you apply to blemished skin with a cotton pad.
Once applied to skin allow it air dry naturally which will take a minute or two. 
For best results Skinetica is to be used twice a day once in the morning and then before
bed, once applied it will remain active for up to 12 hours. 

It is also recommended to be used on clean, dry skin and left to air dry before applying make up. 
Skinetica wont work over make up! 

My Thoughts

First of all on opening the bottle I will say the smell isn't that pleasant, 
however it isn't the worst smell ever. 
I was also surprised that on applying the lotion I found that unlike some other spot treatments
the lotion did not sting and feel like my skin was burning which is a kind of a relief really. 
I was glad to find this was comfortable to wear with no irritation. 

I also found this really does work with toning down the redness and pain of blemishes appearing.
Although it's not a miracle worker at removing spots overnight ( though I doubt there is a product that does this anyway). I felt this was a great product and one of the best spot treatments I have ever used. 

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