Saving Energy

With energy prices soaring, it maybe time to reduce your consumption.
However what electrical appliances  could you live without? 

For me and Stuart times are quite tough and I am all for the thrifty lifestyle right now. 
However we live in a flat that is all electric which can be rather expensive. 

Appliances we couldn't live without: 

- Washing Machine
- Fridge and freezer
- Oven 
- Microwave 
- Toaster
- radiator
- TV and Dvd player, game consoles
- Light bulbs (obviously) 
- Straighteners/hair dryer
- electric bike charger
- mobile phone and other charging devices

Appliances we could live without: 
- Steamer, coffee maker, George Forman grill
- Clothes Dryer
- Printer
- Cd player
- electric blanket
- cupcake maker
- Toasty maker
- bread maker

We probably have a lot of other appliances but I can't think of them all at the moment. 

What electrical appliances could you live without that you own?

* This is a sponsored post however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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laura avery said...

Washing Machine
- Fridge and freezer
- Oven
preety much the same except with..
- Microwave ..hoping to ditch this soon as only use it occasionally its the worse eletrci guzzler
- Toaster..i use the oven grill bit as its gas
- TV and Dvd player, game consoles..we could but whouldnt life be boring?
- Straighteners/hair dryer dont use them anyway as i have curly hair and if i use them i just end up a frizz ball!
we have a family of 5 and dont own a dryer or dishwasher so that saves loads of money x

Unknown said...

I could not live without my -

Electric toothbrush
Washing Machine
Phone Charger
Fridge Freezer
Slow cooker
Spice grinder
Lawn mower
Any Electric DIY gadget
Food processor

Could live without -

George Forman grill
Electric mixer
CD player
DVD player
Electric knife
Digital clock
Deep Fat Fryer
Games consols

Its amazing how much you could live without ;)

Kim Drayton

Unknown said...

its gotta be the washing machine. with the amount of clothes my kids get thru my hands would be red raw scrubbing them