The Charcoal Challenge

Phew yesterday was rather busy and fun too and I was unable to take 
as many photo's as I would have liked though. 

When it comes to BBQ's one of the most important things to do is work out
a budget for food etc.

When Money Supermarket offered to give me £50 to spend on one 
I was definitely up for the challenge. 

So how far did  £50 go?

Drinks: = £17.38

- Stella Artois  = £10
- Fizzy drinks = 4 for £2 
- Wine red and white £3.19 a bottle we had 2 bottles. 

Food: = £29.46

Rolls = 70p each got 4 packs
Blueberries = £2.25
Pineapple = £1
Watermelon = £3.25
Tomato's =  88p
cabbage = 88p
New potato's = £1.90
Pepper = 2 for £1
Radish = 70p 
cucumber = 65p 
eggs = 87p
Burgers = £7
Sausages = £5
Dips = 96p
Crisps: £1 each 2 packs

which means the cost was a total of 

= £46.88

As we already has sauces such as ketchup and mayo 
and other store cupboard staples this is not included in the overall cost.

We had a great day which was held over at my mother in laws. 
Where our nephew's got to play in the swimming pool 
and we also had the gazebo out too so that we had some shade. 

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