Cutting Down The Bills

With Bills going up and the fact that only one of us it working
it is essential that we find the best deal. 

On Wednesday we managed to cut our bills down each month by approx £20.
This was by changing electricity suppler from British Gas to Scottish Power. 
British Gas over the last couple of months have been causing us too much grief
so we got permission from our landlord to change. 
On doing so we have saved £5 a month which we are rather pleased about. 

The other £15 a month saving is by changing our broadband deal. 
We are still staying with 3 broadband but as our contract was coming to an
end in October , we gave them a ring to see what was on offer. 

We currently have a deal of 15gb of data a month with 160 texts 
with a dongle and a laptop on a 24 month contract for £34 a month.

Now since we knew it was ending at the beginning of October we gave 3 a call 
and now they have set up a new deal for us.
15gb of data, 160 texts with a mifi for £18.09 a month. 

We chose to do this considering we still have a laptop and even though its 
not the best working order at the moment it should last us another year all being
well and then we will just buy a new laptop from somewhere like Argos. 

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