Operation Drink More Water

When I started slimming world back in January, I knew one of the main 
things I would need to do is up my water intake.

I failed miserably until June when I decided to undertake
"Operation Drink More Water"  by buying Brita's fill and go bottle. 

Since buying the bottle I've now been drinking an average of 2 litres a day. 
Since doing so I have felt so much more healthy and hydrated. 
I have also felt more energised this could also have to do with loosing a lot of weight though. 

All in all I love the taste of filtered water and its certainly weaned me off having 
as much fizzy drinks and squash as I used to. 
I will certainly sticking to choosing water from now on.
 I have always preferred to drink chilled water out of a bottle anyway, to me there
is nothing worse then tepid water.

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