Review: Get Popped with Popchips

 Even though I am on slimming world from time to time I do
fancy a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps. 
I'm not going to restrict myself too much from things I love to eat. 

I was sent some Popchips recently  which are potato chips that are
popped rather than fried or baked like most crisps are. 
They are full of flavour and are less than 100 calories a pack
so you can pop open a bag knowing that you are getting less than half the fat 
of fried potato chips. 

Popchips are available in 5 different yummy flavours: 

- Original 
- BBQ 
- Salt and Vinegar
- Sour cream and Onion
- Salt and Pepper 

My favourite has to be BBQ. 

They are sold in most retail outlets at 69p a pack or £1.89 (RRP) for an 85g sharing bag.

Have you tried Popchips before? If you a have what is your favourite flavour? 

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